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Senzu alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Senzu

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  • Finimize for iPhone

    “Super digestible and well-written. A+” - Forbes

    “New favorite app“ - Apple

    “App of the day“ - Apple

    Be your own financial advisor. Stay up to date with financial markets and crypto currencies in real-time. Discover where to invest your money and read user reviews on investment providers.

    Now on iOS

    It talks about major deals, economy changer and QnA.

  • Spendee 2.0

    See where your money goes
  • Budget.cool

    1 review

    Budget.cool is a simplistic app to help manage your spending and budgets all manually, encouraging you to build up better money habits! It features:

    💸 Custom spending + budget categories

    📫 Monthly or weekly emails updates

    📱 Sleek, mobile-friendly design

    📉 Stats and charts showing spending by day and category

    All 100% free

    I was looking for a tool to manage my budget through a PC.

    The project must do their best to reach giants like Speende.

  • Toshl Finance

    2 reviews

    Toshl helps track all of your personal finances in one place. Track bank accounts, credit cards, cash, cryprocurrency investments. Budget and plan for the future. Support for all fiat and 30+ cryptocurrencies. More than 2.8 million users worldwide. Apps for Android, iOS, web.

  • Finances

    Finances - Money Tracker is a simple yet thorough and elegant money tracking app for the iPhone

  • Debby App

    Just tell Debby your balance and next payment date – she will calculate your daily budget and will help you to save money! She can also freeze a certain amount of your budget and save it until later to pay your rent, bills, or other mandatory payments
  • Guac

    Guac is the easiest, manual budget tracker. Spreadsheets and automated budget trackers suck,

    guac doesn't.

  • Transfers by Spendee

    6 reviews

    Everything we do in Spendee is meant to make people money management less stressful and less time consuming. Introducing transfers will make it even more straightforward. Say goodbye to a complicated way of recording movements across your wallets. You can now easily track movements between your wallets and/or bank accounts. Welcome Transfers!

    Been using Spendee for a long time and it's the finance tracker that really fits my necessities.

  • Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets

    5 reviews
    The new Tiller Money Feeds Add-on automatically imports your daily spending, account balances, and transactions into any new or existing Google Sheet. Easily track your financial life in one place. Customize everything. Prebuilt templates get you started.
  • Finny

    3 reviews
    Finny offers free, game-based personal finance education tailored to your interests. While learning, you earn Dibs which you can redeem for rewards (e.g., $1K giveaway). Join the community of people like you and get your money questions answered!

    1 review
    Walrus is a youth focussed neobank in India, helping Indians save, spend and invest better. We offer a fully digital, smart checking account that operates 24x7 and opens in 2 minutes. You get a sleek, neon VISA Card with flexible controls and amazing rewards.
  • Budget Nuts

    We felt like no personal finance app emphasized one of the most essential principles: ease of use. Budget Nuts is simple and effective and gives you complete visibility over your incomings & outgoings and create daily budgets that work. Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Stash

    1 review
    Stash is a privacy-focused personal finance manager my team & I built to help users track & manage their finances privately. With Stash, you can:
    ✏️ Add your expenses
    🔎 Break down & analyse your spending
    🔓 Add budgets for each category
  • MoneyTracker.cc

    1 review

    MoneyTracker is an open-source progressive web app that allows you to track your income and expenses.

    This app can work offline on desktop, tablet and mobile.

    Data is stored locally on device in PouchDB database and can be synced to the cloud.

    Simple asset multi-coin manager. One of the most simple and yet complete expense managers that i saw lately. There are a few things missing,…

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  • BudgetBakers

    Flexibly budget and track your spending, so you stay in control and achieve your goals.

  • Scoro

    Manage time, sales, finances and reporting in one platform
  • The Wealth Pool

    Join The Wealth Pool to help you plan and make better financial decisions by benchmarking your financial health against “pools” of original, crowdsourced household data.
    Learn how others manage their finances to help better handle your own.
  • Level Money

    Simple view of your available cash and budget
  • Claire Budget

    Claire Budget provides a really simple way to keep track of your personal finance. The coloured bar on the home screen gives you info about your budget for this month/week or day with just a glance.

  • DimeShift

    DimeShift - easiest way to track your expenses. Online. Open-source. Free