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7 alternative and related products to Sensorize

An insanely hard memory game.
7 Alternatives to Sensorize

Memorize any text through repeated exposure


Have to memorize a speech, poem, lyrics or scripture? Have a Spanish test coming up? Memorize By Heart is a combination of several learning tools used by professionals that use memorization techniques for a faster and longer lasting memory.

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Memorization can be difficult unless you're one of the lucky people blessed with a photographic memory. We're taught various techniques in school, ranging from "read it, write it, say it," or the Rule of Seven (you remember something after hearing seven times).
Memorizing things, especially long things like speeches and presentations, can be pretty difficult to do. Like all things, practice makes perfect. However, unless you have a pal around to help you with all that practice it's easy for you to slip up while you're practicing and miss parts, or not get the whole memorization thing off the ground in the first pla… See more
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