Alternative products to Self-Retrospective

8 alternative and related products to Self-Retrospective


Do a self-retrospective to improve your life

Do a retrospective with yourself to create a plan for improvements in different parts of your life

8 Alternatives to Self-Retrospective

A to-do list for avoiding the things you shouldn't be doing

The to-do list app that helps you avoid stuff you really shouldn’t be doing. The key to unlocking productivity isn’t doing tasks, it’s avoiding them. Doing nothing has never felt so good!

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The To Don't App is the antithesis of productivity apps, a tool created to help you achieve your plan of doing as little as possible.
Real Simple
If all those productivity tools, hacks, and tips haven't worked for you yet, it may be time to try something a little different. This alternative
Stay on track by avoiding time-wasting tasks with this productivity trick from the authors of 'How Women Rise.'
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The holistic app for your wellbeing 😌

Remente is a system of tools and insights to help you lead a richer, happier and healthier life, based on how the brain works and performs. Maintain focus & direction while managing stress & work-life balance.

"Remente provides a variety of self-development tools for everyone ready to embrace change, live healthier and more meaningfully" - Forbes

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Remente recently released several new features for its personal development app. Until now it's only been available on iOS and Android, but it's also launched a web beta for premium users. One of the best digital life coaches available continues to get better. Among the new features included in the latest update: Me tab: a ...
20 Alternatives to Remente 2.0

Take 3 mins with your phone to feel better, not worse.

Stay in bed all day with us, comforted by our cards, candles, and crystals. Each holds something calming.

Unlike games, which grow more stressful, the interactions in #SelfCare grow more pleasurable: They start difficult and end easier. After, we both feel more pleasant.

#SelfCare is a collab btwn game designers, artists, and neuropsychologists.

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the Guardian
Eve Thomas, an artist and magazine editor from Montreal, would not call herself a gamer. She played video games on a Mac as a child and enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, but most modern video games don't appeal. "I don't like the stress of dying," she says.
the Guardian
hen it comes to video games, violence sells. It's put front and centre in massive marketing campaigns. This year's E3, the biggest news event in the video game calendar, featured a lot of violent content, like every year before.
For a lot of people, video games actually aren't that fun. If you suffer from anxiety or have a high-stress lifestyle, your downtime activity of choice might not be entering into a seemingly borderless digital world where you probably have to hide, flee or kill to survive.
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9 Alternatives to #SelfCare
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