Alternative products to Segment Personas

9 alternative and related products to Segment Personas

Segment Personas
Customer data infrastructure

Today we’re releasing Segment’s latest product, Personas, to the world. Personas uses a new identity graph to combine your data into a 360° user record —and you get to compute new traits & audiences on top.

Our beta customers were able to drive a 50% lift in customer engagement, 10% reduction in ad spend, and 33% increase in ad conversions.

9 Alternatives to Segment Personas

Free product usage analytics for teams who care about growth

ProfitWell Engagement layers usage data on to your financial data to understand your level of zombie MRR, how usage drives revenue, and even helps you create lists of at-risk customers to help you prevent churn. Our goal is to help you identify which customers are going down the right path to value.

15 minute setup and is 100% free.

11 Alternatives to ProfitWell Engagement

The Google Analytics and Segment Helper by VICE provides a visual way to track analytics calls without opening the chrome console!

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This post covers a free Chrome extension to see Google Analytics calls without Chrome console. Google Analytics and Segment Helper not only supports Google Analytics but it works with Segment too. It shows the page events in real-time with all the other details. You can analyze any website with this extension and see the calls in real-time.
When Google Analytics stops working, it's an all hands on deck effort to figure out what happened. Are calls being made on the page? Is the metadata correct? Are the right events firing? At VICE we...
8 Alternatives to Google Analytics and Segment Helper - Chrome Extension

Fusion unifies customer data across cloud applications.

Fusion simplifies how businesses aggregate, unify & use customer data across multiple cloud applications. Fusion automates data integration, preparation, and ingestion by creating a Fused Database that feeds analytics dashboards and BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight, and YellowFin.

10 Alternatives to Fusion
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