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Show your macOS desktop on FaceTime

ScreenTime is a screen sharing plugin for FaceTime (for macOS). It appears as a webcam on FaceTime and lets you show your desktop during a FaceTime video call.

A free lightweight IDE optimized for building UI web tests.
13 Alternatives to ScreenTime

Muzzle is a simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing (with the best landing page of all time).

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Irina Ryslyayeva
Cause we all have been there, let's admit it!
I would recommend Muzzle too. Incredibly thought out landing page, showcasing the product right there.
Mat Sherman
I second Ryan. I just spent 3 minutes staring at it. Genius...bloody genius!.
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ERE Media
A few years ago, I gave a webinar entitled something like 'The Top Ten iPhone Apps for Recruiting.' To my surprise, the app that received the warmest reception had nothing to do with recruiting. It was called 'White Noise.' Like
When you're sharing your screen for a business or school presentation, you don't want any notifications popping up, like a sext, a calendar notification for your therapist appointment, or a Slack DM about the problem client you're currently presenting to. You could hit "Do Not Disturb," but what if you forget?
13 Alternatives to Muzzle

UPD' 2019: RealtimeBoard is now called Miro.

A whiteboarding platform for distributed product teams with a growing set of add-ons. Customize it to various use cases (from Agile to UX) and make it a part of a seamless workflow with the most popular tech tools.

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Shane Lowe
another Miro +1, we use it for any meetings where there's a little less structure or a little more to figure out. Crucial for us since we all went remote this year and lost our real whiteboard sessions!
Valerie Fenske
I am here to support Miro - that's perfect for brainstorming, prototyping, making notes, making the collections of anything (e.g. designs), planning, etc.
Bruno Marinho
+1 for Miro ( - It's really great for facilitating remote workshops, design sprints or just to visually collaborate with someone. The feature set is actually quite impressive.
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There's no question that we have more apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools at our disposal today than ever before. If there's a function your business does or needs to do, there's a good chance someone has an app or cloud-based service ready to help you out.
RealtimeBoard Specials
The way we work is fundamentally changing-and RealtimeBoard is part of a new category of tools that will help your team stay on the cutting edge. By 2020, 34% of businesses anticipate half of their team will be working remotely. At the same time, these distributed teams have to work faster and be more productive than ever before.
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