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Screenhero alternatives and competitors

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Collaborative Screen Sharing + Voice Chat

Top alternatives for Screenhero

Quickly transform scripts, SQL, and more into internal tools
  • Pop

    3 reviews
    Screen Pop is a multiplayer screen sharing app that lets you work together like you’re in the same room. Unlike videoconferencing tools that are designed for presentation, Pop lets everyone participate through multiplayer drawing & control.
  • Demodesk

    Demodesk is cloud-based, collaborative screen sharing for sales and success teams.

    ☁️No downloads or extensions, runs from any browser

    🚄>5x faster transmission

    👭Instant sharing w/ multiple participants for collaborative browsing and editing

    📹 Integrated video calls

    🔗Email/calendar & Salesforce integration

    📅Team scheduling & booking pages

    We've been using Demodesk for more than 6 months and we use it for both sales demos as well as onboarding sessions for our SaaS product. It'…

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  • Pragli

    8 reviews
    Virtual office: Build your avatar, enhance with facial recognition
    One-click conversations: HD audio, video and screen share; use audio channels like #water-cooler and #stand-up
    Make remote work fun: Celebrations, trivia, and integrations like Spotify
  • ScreenTime

    ScreenTime is a screen sharing plugin for FaceTime (for macOS). It appears as a webcam on FaceTime and lets you show your desktop during a FaceTime video call.

  • Tactic

    12 reviews
    Free options
    Tactic puts collaboration and personal connection at the center of your hybrid organization. ❤️
    We bring teams together in the office and provide companies with data to make long-term decisions based on office space usage. 😎
  • join.me button

    1 review
    Instant screen sharing, in your product

    A nice app to organize and conduct meetings in a modern way.

  • Surfly

    Work jointly with the help of the reliable platform Surfly. If you have to collaborate with your colleagues on a mutual project, you can share your screen, video chat, share files and a lot more. And you can be sure everything is securely encrypted for your and your files safety.

  • USE Together

    1 review

    USE Together is a remote pair programming and team collaboration tool. Participants you share your screen with get their own mouse cursors, can type and interact with all your apps. Available now for Windows, macOS and coming soon to Linux.

    Very simple to share and work on the same screen with a distant team

  • CozyRoom

    4 reviews
    A fun way to talk and spend time with friends over the Internet
  • CoScreen for macOS 1.0

    3 reviews
    Get more done together with our completely redesigned and now publicly available app for macOS with multi-user screen sharing, remote control, video chat, a new UI and Slack integration.
  • Rodeo

    2 reviews
    Rodeo is the easiest way to talk to your friends, and their friends. Simply hop on the app, start a room & your friends will know you’re free to talk.
    Friends of the friends you’re talking to can join too, an easy way to meet new friends!
  • Upscope Screen Sharing for Intercom

    1 review

    Make supporting your toughest non-tech customers a breeze by seeing their screen in one click from Intercom.

    Scroll for them. Click for them. Draw on their screen to show them what to do. All of this instantly and without any downloads.

    Once set up, its super easy to just click on the upscope link and fire up a screenshare session. Solves the huge barrier posed by needing to…

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  • CrankWheel

    Insanely simple freemium screen sharing +enterprise features
  • VoiceGist

    1 review
    VoiceGist is our solution to sharing and explaining code snippets asynchronously. Nobody wants to explain their code with a huge essay, referencing various code lines and having the reader jump between the text description and the code snippet. Cue VoiceGists!
  • Retro Super Storm

    The plugin is ideal for team meetings. No need to buy new software, all of this already exists in Figma. Simple and self-explanatory UI will make your meetings easy and productive.
  • Vera Co-Browsing

    Cobrowse any website with your teammates!
    Vera co-browsing makes it possible for you to co-browse any website with your friend--to work on a Google Doc, to watch a video together-- free to chat as long as you want!
    More collaborative feature will be added!
  • Chalk by Vuforia

    AR live view of a problem, talk about it and draw on it
  • NESHouse

    NesHouse is a implements a set of clubhouse based on NES style, you can use NESHouse to create your own online live room, you can use NESHouse to create your ostart live room, or share it and invite others to join the discussion.
  • Droidcast

    - One click to start sharing your screen

    - Doesn't need any development tools or USB cables for sharing the Android screen

    - Share screen using a link (Just like Google Drive/Dropbox). No plugins/Software/Password required for viewer. Compatible with all modern browsers

    - Completely safe! No special permissions are required.

    - FREE