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  • Zoho Backstage

    ZOHO BACKSTAGE is an event management software for planners, corporations and agencies that makes it easy to manage large-scale meetings and events like conferences, trade shows, and product launches.

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  • Preferral API

    I wanted a tool that could help me validate my ideas before I start coding it. Hence, I came up with a simple serverless API to implement beta list invite to my landing pages.
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  • At HostEvent we are passionate about taking your event experience to the next level and we believe that sharing your event should be simple and easy – at a price that makes sense.

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    Had good experience so far with this product.

  • List and Invite is a tool to easily create an event, coupled with a wishlist to send to your loved ones.

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    The example of a child's birthday party is spot on, but there are so many other applications! Friend potlucks, surprise parties, family holi…

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