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Get human tasks done with just one line of code.

Scale offers humans on-demand, outsourcing microtasks such as Image Annotation, Audio Transcription, OCR Transcription, Categorization, Comparison, or Data Collection.

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Automate That Shit

Web applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.

Automate That Shit (ATS) is a team of developers and engineers committed to automating your shallow work. We want to automate your tasks that can be easily replicated by a machine, so you can focus on work that matters.

Product Hunt
Automate That Shit 2.0 - Web applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.. (Productivity, APIs, and Marketing)
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On-demand workforce for human tasks

G2 Crowd
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Pretty much every company, to some extent, has to power their algorithms with data and machine learning if they're going to be competitive with anyone else in their space. The challenge there, though, is that not everyone can have the massive computational power and data of a company like Google - especially not startups.
Playment Blog
Our blog on AI, computer vision, training data, autonomous driving and more.
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Integromat Mobile App

App for automating tasks based on events on your phone

Integromat, the automation builder used to connect online apps to create automations, now has a mobile app. With the mobile app, you can trigger automations based on events that happen on your phone: GPS location, WiFi connection, calling, and SMS messaging.

Meet Ondrej Gazda, the co-founder of Integromat, one of the most advanced online automation platform. He is passionate about new technologies, taking new challenges, and soaking in experiences. He has a master's degree in economics that has helped him in his business life.
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Optic is an AI that automates the routine parts of programming so developers can focus on their most important work. Optic saves 15 hours per developer per week. Teams can reclaim time by automating the parts of development they enjoy least.

Stack Overflow and other various sites and tools have made it easy to Google search for solutions - or code snippets - to the easier parts of putting together an app or program for developers, but Aidan Cunniffe wants to take that one automated step further. That's the premise behind Optic, w...
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What are the best products with female founders?

Julie DelanoyDesign at Product Hunt
theSkimm - Daily summary of current events in your inbox
"My favorite daily news source."
Mattermark - Ranking 800,000+ high growth Internet companies
"Danielle and the rest of the Mattermark team never cease to amaze - you can't beat the amount and quality of data that they're putting toge… See more
Front 2.0 - Shared team inboxes to manage Email, Twitter, SMS & more
"I love what Mathilde and the Front team are doing for customer/support communication. Handling team inboxes in a huge PITA for any size tea… See more

Are there any startups that tackle first outreach as a service (for sales)?

Jesse MiddletonVC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
Riley 2.0 - Respond to real estate leads in under 2 mins, 24/7, via text
"YC-backed Riley is doing this via SMS for real-estate agents, reducing the time to first response. I imagine they would expand to other in… See more
Scale - Get human tasks done with just one line of code.
"Automate outbound leads"

What are the best alternatives to Mechanichal Turk?

Caterina G.
Scale - Get human tasks done with just one line of code.
"It depends on your use case but YC-backed Scale is a cheap solution for companies that want to outsource routine actions, such as community… See more
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