Alternative products to Samsung Galaxy S9

14 alternative and related products to Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9
The new flagship with a reimagined camera

Samsung announced two new phones, the S9 and the S9 Plus with more advanced camera than ever.

14 Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S9

OnePlus's new flagship phone comes with a 48 MP camera 📸

Experience a high-resolution display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, designed to display your content with dramatic clarity. A new 48 MP camera and much more with the new OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus has never been particularly beholden to industry trends. Nowhere is that better demonstrated than with the 7 Pro. In the face of a stagnated smartphone market, Apple, Samsung and Google all went budget, releasing lower-tier takes on their pricey flagships to appeal to consumers looking for ...
the Guardian
Having made a name for itself for cut-price top-spec phones, OnePlus now has its sights set on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Huawei P30 Pro with its new OnePlus 7 Pro. Costing from £649 the new premium OnePlus still undercuts the competition by about £250, but isn't quite as value-oriented as previous offerings.
The Verge
The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are finally official, after many leaks and teases. While the 7 looks very similar to last year's OnePlus 6T, the 7 Pro has an all-new design with an edge-to-edge screen and a triple rear camera. It will be available this week for $669 and up.
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Samsung's new foldable smart phone

Galaxy Fold is in a category of its own. It delivers a new kind of mobile experience allowing users to do things they couldn’t do with an ordinary smartphone. Best of both worlds; a compact device that unfolds to reveal Samsung’s largest smartphone display.

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As we asked back in February, "We're ready for foldable phones, but are they ready for us?" The answer, so far, has been an enthusiastic, "not really." The Galaxy Fold was pushed back, after multiple review units crapped the proverbial bed. And just last week, Huawei noted that it was holding...
The Verge
AT&T has been emailing customers one potential answer to when the Samsung Galaxy Fold might ship - June 13th. That's according to a bunch of screenshots we've been seeing on Twitter and Reddit. The screenshots themselves are certainly legit, but that doesn't mean that the date is.
The Verge
Samsung has confirmed reports from earlier today that it is postponing the release of its $2,000 Galaxy Fold foldable phone only days before it was originally scheduled to go on sale. "We plan to announce the [new] release date in the coming weeks," Samsung said in a statement.
Samsung has issued a statement about its new, folding phone as early photos of tech reviewers with their shiny new toys were replaced on social media (and in numerous columns) with complaints from those same tech reviewers about problems with the phone's screen. Apparently a number of reviewe...
Samsung on Wednesday finally unveiled its foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. With a total of two screens, six cameras and two batteries, the Galaxy Fold is a whole lot of phone. Samsung hasn't said when Galaxy Fold preorders will go live, but it did say that the device will be available starting April 26.
To the surprise of absolutely no one who paid attention to Samsung's hype-building for Unpacked, it had more to reveal about its foldable phone. The device is now officially known as the Galaxy Fold, and much like the prototype we saw back in November, we're looking at a 4.6-inch secondary display on the outside, followed by a much larger 7.3-inch Infinity F… See more
The Verge
Samsung first teased its foldable phone back in November, and at the company's Galaxy Unpacked event today it's further detailing its foldable plans. Samsung's foldable now has a name, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the company is revealing more about what this unique smartphone can do.
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Asus's new phone with a giant battery and flip up camera

The revolutionary Flip Camera removes the limits on your creativity and gives you the freedom to get truly inventive with your photography. Forget the past, and discover brand-new ways to stamp your personality on your photos and videos!

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Premium smartphone manufacturers have moved the needle on pricing, but 2019 may well go down as a kind of golden age for budget flagships. Apple, Google and Samsung are all in that business now, and OnePlus has once again shown the world how to offer more for less.
The Verge
The Asus Zenfone 6 has officially been announced, and where the Zenfone 5 was basically just a boring iPhone X clone, the new model is thinking way outside the box, eliminating the top bezel entirely thanks to a completely wild rotating camera.
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Xiaomi replaces the notch with a slider

Mi MIX 3 pushes the limits of Full Screen Display with 93.4% screen-to-body ratio. The front of the phone is virtually all screen thanks to the hidden dual camera design, made possible by the innovative magnetic slider, which stayed working like new after 300,000 intensive test slides.

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a striking smartphone, with an all-screen display that shuns the notch and 'punch-hole' design culture currently sweeping the industry in favor of a cleaner, smarter look. Now, you might be wondering, if there's an all-screen display, but no notch, and no punch-hole, where's the selfie camera?
The Verge
There are a lot of interesting phone designs coming out this year, with one goal: avoid the notch. Xiaomi's Mi Mix 3 uses a sliding design to hide the camera behind the screen, but as we found, it comes with a host of other compromises.
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Xiaomi's newest phone with 3 rear cameras 📸

Mi 9 has an all-curved back cover design, allowing it to fit comfortably in the hand. An advanced back cover color process gives Mi 9 a stylish holographic rainbow spectrum, so it looks different every time it is picked up.

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The Xiaomi Mi 9 just went official with the company's first triple camera and the fastest wireless charging of any phone yet. The star of the camera is the 48MP module, a Sony IMX586 with a Quad Bayer filter. It's a large 1/2" sensor with 0.8µm pixels, which can be combined into 1.6µm Super pixels.
The Verge
Xiaomi has announced its first new flagship for 2019, the Mi 9. The Mi 9 succeeds last year's Mi 8 and has a familiar look and feel, with an upgraded processor and camera system. It will be available in China to start, before expanding to other markets in the near future.
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World’s first Holeless Phone

Messy cables, headphones, opening a sim slot with a tiny pin … all these daily hassles are part of our current life now.

We believe life is too short to waste time on dealing with things like that. That’s why we’ve created the world’s first holeless and seamless smartphone, to set you free from the restraints.

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If you're unfamiliar, the Meizu Zero is the company's first holeless device, with no button or port visible anywhere on its body. The only cuts into its skin are a small hole for the microphone and a pinhole for when you need to hard reset the device.
If you're interested in Meizu's insane smartphone that doesn't have any port or button, you can now pre-order it on Indiegogo for $1,299. Supply is limited as the company is only selling 100 units for now. The Meizu Zero looks like any modern phone at first sight.
The Verge
Meizu is now selling its Zero phone - its device with no ports, buttons, or holes - on Indiegogo. In typical crowdfunding fashion, Meizu has to raise at least $100,000 in order for anyone to receive the $1,299 device. The company still hasn't posted specs beyond the fact that it'll use the Snapdragon 845 processor.
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Samsung's newest device comes packed with a Quad Camera 📸

Galaxy A9 features the world’s first quad smartphone camera to capture life the way it was meant to be seen. Its intelligent camera system gives you four times the functionality for whatever the occasion. Now you can capture with confidence when inspiration strikes.

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India Today
Samsung is ready to bring the Galaxy A9 (2018) to India this month. The company has sent out invites for the launch of the mid-range smartphone on Tuesday, November 20. The Galaxy A9 comes a few weeks after the Galaxy A7 (2018), which is the company's first phone with a triple camera setup.
Samsung, India's most trusted brand, today launched Galaxy A9 in India, with the world's 1 st rear quad camera, stunning, dual tone, reflective gradient design, vibrant colours, scratch-resistant durable glass back, flagship infinity display and unmatched performance.
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