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7 alternative and related products to Sail CI

Sail CI
CI without the limits.

A cloud native continuous integration platform with unlimited concurrency as standard. Use Docker containers as tasks and only pay for the time they run.

Unlimited concurrency and parallelism

Docker as tasks, use any public Docker image or create your own

Realtime logs into GitHub Apps

Monorepo support

YAML configuration

Pay per minute billing

7 Alternatives to Sail CI

Personal cloud computer, built for developers

Dan Knox
Dan Knox- Senior Software Engineer
Sixa offers exactly what you are asking for. On demand desktop instances with a nice web accessible remote desktop client and a native client as well. Their pricing is reasonable with a pay for play based model.
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One of the advantages of cloud computing is the ability to abandon conventional storage on your computer and keep content exclusively in "the cloud." But what if you could have your entire computer stored in the cloud, allowing you to access your software and applications from anywhere?
The promises of the cloud era have been many, but when it comes to hardware, most people have preferred to keep their personal PCs on-hand or on-location. Sixa is aiming to free the PC and move computing to the cloud with its low-latency virtual machines geared toward developers.
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Event/Data distribution system without any configuration

TreeScale is a technology that allows building real-time PubSub applications with highly-scalable architecture, using Math Tree/Graph-based scalability instead of standard horizontal scalability.

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By the end of 2015 I started coding TreeScale networking technology from plain idea schema. At that time I didn't know that match about Docker or containers, but Docker itself was part of the idea that TreeScale is built for.
Rust Programming language is relatively new programming language with huge innovative solutions and surprisingly it is offering unlimitedly safe coding with C/C++ like performance. TreeScale is a networking technology which scales with mathematical three/graph principle and algorithms and allowing infinite scaling without predefined services modification at … See more
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VMs and object storage for cloud native applications.

European cloud hosting for you and your team:

- build applications

- store data safely

- run heavy computations

Exoscale is an IaaS with full SSD VMs, S3 compatible Object storage, DNS and GPU servers. It is available in 4 zones: Geneva, Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt.

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