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Saga is the best way to save family memories. Voice record and share answers to questions that spark conversation, like “What’s the biggest trouble you got into as a kid?” - it’s like getting a personal private podcast from your family.
Top Saga: Save Family Memories alternatives
Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • 📱 Your books, films, series, recipes, restaurants, concerts…—all in one app

    ⚡️The first artificial intelligence dedicated to memories

    ✅ Next gen to-do lists: visual, enriched, social

    🧘‍️ Things you’d love to do, not the ones you have to do!

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    I’ve been using it for a while and simply put it’s replaced Notes or any other app for books, wines, tv shows, films, and restaurants I want…See more
  • elocance is like Spotify for your team's important content. Create audio playlists of articles, business intelligence, weekly reports or anything else your team consumes. Help your team get ahead, learn and stay connected with audio at work.
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  • Cinebody Memories

    Cinebody Memories is a way to preserve your loved one's memories with video stories. A Denver-based startup, it helped a friend record his dad's stories after a cancer diagnosis: A gift that's great for the holidays, and lasts not just one lifetime, but many.

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  • StoryCorps App

    Record and share interviews with the people in your life.
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  • Easily record family stories
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  • Wassup

    A privacy-first open-source personal assistant to help keep your personal memories and emotions together.
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  • Be Forever Me

    Record videos, search your memories, create your life story
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  • Conmory

    "Every Memory Counts!" Conmory is a social channel that lets you create a private space for you and your close-circle to connect special moments and generate new memories.
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  • QR Memorial

    Let your relatives' legacy live forever ♾️ with this DIY QR code memorial guide/tool.
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  • Test

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