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Weekly Newsletter for SaaS via Hiten Shah

Top alternatives for SaaS Weekly

The original GraphQL CMS, evolved.
  • SaaS Boilerplate

    Open source boilerplate app to help you build your own SaaS product.

    The boilerplate comes with many basic SaaS features so that you can focus on building the features that differentiate your product.

    We used this web app to build Async (https://async-await.com/): team communication and project management for small teams of software engineers.

  • ProfitWell Report

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    Every week Neel Desai (product at ProfitWell) brings a new set of benchmarks from the world’s largest recurring revenue data set in the world, to answer questions like "will all software become freemium?" and "how much expansion revenue is healthy?"

    If you're a SaaS founder, you need to check this out

  • The SaaS Playbook

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    The SaaS Playbook is a free weekly newsletter of the top SaaS resources and best practices. There are no sponsors, gimmicks, subscription fees - our only goal is building a strong community of SaaS enthusiasts eager to help each other solve problems.

    I'm not primarily a business/ops guy but I like this newsletter - it lets me up my saas game in bite size junks. Reading this does usually e…

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