Alternative products to SaaS Startup Guide by Hotjar 🔥

19 alternative and related products to SaaS Startup Guide by Hotjar 🔥

SaaS Startup Guide by Hotjar 🔥
You have an MVP. Now what?

Early-stage SaaS founder or team member? Then you probably know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the amount of information around you and to struggle with what to focus on next.

19 Alternatives to SaaS Startup Guide by Hotjar 🔥

Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the 👨‍🎤indie way

Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

💡 Get ideas from solving your problems

🛠Build with the tools you already know

🚀 How to launch

🌱 Grow organically without ads

💰 Monetize by asking users for money

🤖 Automate your entire business

Felipe Molina
Felipe Molina
By Pieter Levels - Maker of NomadList, RemoteOK, and other interesting products.
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
I have read the pre-order version, and found it incredibly useful. It reminded me of who I am - an indie maker. The book has an exciting approach to testing ideas, and provides a set of steps to do exactly that. Definitely a recommendation.
22 Alternatives to MAKE Book

The top startups' internal processes

Startup Bibles is an evolving curation of the top startups' handbooks and principles. Get inspired by the best by browsing through employee handbooks, editorial style guides and fundraising decks from Front, GitLab, Trello, Basecamp, Hotjar and more!

5 Alternatives to Startup Bibles

Hundreds of SaaS products, analyzed.

In, we have tested hundreds of different cloud tools.

We put some of the best and most popular of them in one place to help your business grow by finding and using the best SaaS software.

At pickSaaS, you can find or ask for recommendation about the best marketing, project management, CRM, live chat or many other types of software.

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After looking deeply into 150 most popular products, we have quite an interesting and broad view of the apps' usability. Interacting with apps' users at Quora and Product Hunt also gave us a great insight into what customers actually expect from the cloud applications.
9 Alternatives to pickSaaS

Grow an audience and get press coverage as an indie maker

The indie maker's complete guide to growing your audience and getting press coverage, focusing on affordable, proven methods.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
Shameless self-promotion. :) I think the book I just published can be super helpful for indie makers who are more comfortable building/shipping than doing marketing. It's straight-to-the-point and focuses on affordable and proven techniques to grow an audience and get press coverage.
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Here is my full interview with Anne-Laure Le Cunff during the #24hrstartup Challenge.
Make & Shine book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Are you an indie maker or a solo entrepreneur? Do you struggle get sustained ...
We all have unfinished projects: an app we started sketching but never built, a podcast with a list of guests we never reached out to, a book which really is just an outline and some post-it notes...
6 Alternatives to Make & Shine

What does it take to raise capital in SaaS in 2018?

A (literal) back-of-a-napkin answer to the question of what it takes to raise capital in SaaS, based on feedback from more than 60 SaaS VCs.

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In the first part of this series I shared the quantitative data that I collected in my recent survey among more than 60 SaaS investors. Today I'll write about the answers to the survey's free-form question: "What are the top 3 things you're looking for when you assess a potential SaaS investment?"
In the first part of this series I shared the quantitative data that I collected in my recent survey among more than 60 SaaS investors. Part two focused on answers to the question about the top Top 3 things investors are looking for when they assess a potential SaaS investment.
16 Alternatives to SaaS Funding Napkin

40+ free tips to improve your customer's journey from Dashly

Get the playbook to grow faster. It's full of tips for your sales funnel:
🕵 Capture the leads
🆙 Convert them into signups
👨‍🏫 Onboard them
💸 Grow trial-to-paid conversion rate
📈 Increase ARPA
👬 Involve users in product development
🔻 Reduce churn rate

Roman Eaton
Roman Eaton- 🔥Make your customer journey better with
It is a compilation of best practices that work great!
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Dashly blog See more
Everything about widening funnels, increasing conversions and providing love to users.
5 Alternatives to SaaS Marketing Automation Playbook

The easiest way to sell and manage SaaS

Servicebot is a platform designed to price, sell, and manage SaaS subscriptions. The easiest way to sell SaaS subscriptions. Automate what happens when customers subscribe, cancel, and upgrade.

Instantly unlock the power of enterprise level billing automation for your business for fraction of the cost.

13 Alternatives to Servicebot

How the best SaaS companies use data to grow faster

Data-Driven Sales is a collaboration with ten of the best minds in SaaS sales.

See exactly how teams at Hubspot, App Annie, Segment, SalesLoft, SmartRecruiters, and DigitalOcean use data to grow revenue and optimize their sales machines.

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When Simon Whittick joined Geckoboard as its first VP of Marketing, he took all the standard steps to attract more visitors to their site, convert them, and grow the SaaS company's revenue. He and his team wrote content for their popular blog, ran paid advertising campaigns, and set up email nurture campaigns.
When Emmanuelle Skala started her new job as the VP of Sales and Customer Success at DigitalOcean, she couldn't help but remark at what a rare company she had joined. For more than a decade she'd been a part of fast-growth companies.
When I started my first company many years ago, software sales was radically different than the SaaS landscape that so many readers of this book know. Sales cycles were long, and whether we liked it or not, the customer was stuck with what they had as soon as the papers were signed.
When Segment's VP of Growth, Guillaume Cabane, first began automating his company's outbound email campaigns, he expected two things to happen. First, because humans would no longer be a bottleneck, he expected the volume of activity to skyrocket. Second, because humans wouldn't be actively personalizing messages, he expected the conversion rates to go down.
6 Alternatives to Data-Driven Sales

Bring your SaaS conversion rate back to life, for free. 💓

This isn't your typical email course.

Yes, you’ll learn how to take your SaaS conversion rate from “meh” to “wow.”

But, you’ll also get access to an exclusive community & office hours to make sure you're able to put everything you learn into use.

Are you in?

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Traffic Is Currency
Reading the pros and cons of free trial & freemium models won't help you decide which model is best for your SaaS business. In this article, we cover everything you need to know to make a grounded decision between employing a free trial or freemium model that is specific to your business.
Traffic Is Currency
So you have a product and an amazing team? Great! But if you don't know how to get customers, then you don't have anything valuable. In this phase, we'll go over how you can gain a foothold in your target audience's mind and build systems to generate demand for your product.
Traffic Is Currency
They came to see what your product could enable them to do. Samuel Hullick, founder of Useronboard , sums it up perfectly in this image. New users don't look at your product (the flower) and say to themselves "wow, THAT is a nice flower. I want to buy one."
8 Alternatives to Optimize or Die

What does it take to raise as an AI-first SaaS startup?

A back-of-a-napkin answer to the question: What does it take to raise a seed round as an AI-first SaaS startup?

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About two years ago I thought about the question of what it takes to raise capital, in SaaS, in 2016 and tried to give an answer that would fit on the proverbial back of a napkin. The result was the...
In the first part of this series I shared the quantitative data that I collected in my recent survey among more than 60 SaaS investors. Part two focused on answers to the question about the top Top 3 things investors are looking for when they assess a potential SaaS investment.
3 Alternatives to The AI-first SaaS Funding Napkin

27 established sales leaders share their experience of achieving excellence. They talk about sales development, negotiation/closing, and customer success. They offer you their take on success and how to reach it. There’s also some pep talk and anecdotes. The real deal. Enjoy the read & please note that it does require an email opt-in.

9 Alternatives to How to Succeed in Sales, Career, and Life

Supported by LaunchVic, Hatch Quarter created a comprehensive and free resource to help new migrant entrepreneurs launch their startup journeys. Ready for anyone to use, it covers the topics, tips & tricks that will ready you to build a strong startup in Victoria.

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Co-working hub Hatch Quarter is setting up events and a playbook to support first-generation refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in Victoria. Meetup events are the first phase of action. InterPreneur meetups aim to build a supportive community for the international people in Australia.
Hatch Quarter have created a new playbook to support first generation migrants and refugees who seek to launch startup businesses in Victoria. It is available in five different languages, including English, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic and Spanish.
5 Alternatives to Startup Playbook by Hatch Quarter
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