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Runme.io alternatives and competitors

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Runme supports all Git-hosted apps, Docker images, multiple services(containers) and technologies like JAMstack, Node.js, PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and more.
Top Runme.io alternatives
Your all-in-one product research platform
  • Flynn

    Open source Heroku on your own servers
  • Render is a unified platform to build and run all your apps and websites with free SSL, a global CDN, private networks and auto deploys from Git.
  • 8base brings together the systems your application needs and makes them available through a single GraphQL API endpoint. This means your backend is production-ready instantly, and able to scale automatically with your business. Awesome for building startups!
  • Heroku

    Cloud application platform
  • FlashDrive NoOps app platform handles everything for you while you focus on your product. Made by developers for developers, FlashDrive is compatible with Git deployment (Github, Gitlabs etc...), DockerHub etc... Free backups, SSL certs. and load balancers.
  • Track software deployments through your remote team's complete DevOps stack, integrating the tools your team already uses. Plan, schedule, and track releases across timezones, and when something goes wrong, quickly identify, resolve, and re-deploy.
  • Jexia provides backend services for application development to relieve developers from so called "necessary overhead". No need to setup or maintain servers/containers, install databases, create APIs or do repetitive coding.
  • YunoHost

    yunohost gives you a graphical way (no command line!!) to install and self-host over 100 apps, such as
    * nextcloud
    * pi-hole
    * mastodon
    * wordpress
    a ton more!
  • Lunatic

    Lunatic is an open source runtime that combines the fault-tolerance and massive concurrency of Erlang with the capability-based security model of WebAssembly. It can be used from any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly.
  • Cloudlyn

    Cloudlyn automates docker deployment and hosting. It can be used to deploy single containers or microservices.
  • Clustered Cloud

    Clustered Cloud is an end-to-end application lifecycle platform that helps developers build, deploy and scale modern apps and microservices without having to worry about all the hard stuff.
  • Repository.md

    1 review
    View and edit public readme.md files of github. Users need to enter github username and repository name from where they want to fetch readme file. Once fetch they get the preview of readme and the code for it. Users can change the code accordingly and use it.
  • ploi.io

    Ploi makes deploying your application a piece of cake. It makes managing your servers & sites easily without you having to worry about security, the correct versions & more.