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Collaboration and meeting software for Virtual Reality

Step into your virtual reality office. rumii can be used across virtual reality headsets and desktops for collaboration and meetings. Built-in audio means no more dial-in numbers. Do more than share presentations. Teams can manipulate objects for 3D product design and innovation. Great for remote teams, education and digital nomads.

7 Alternatives to rumii

Admix is a free Unity plugin to place non-intrusive ads in your VR/AR content, filter advertisers via our programmatic platform, and start generating revenue in minutes. Being programmatic means that instead of working like an agency, we connect your content to large ad exchanges, such as our partner Oath, the parent company of Yahoo and AOL.

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Virtual reality meetings for remote teams

We've reinvented the stand-up for remote teams by allowing them to feel together while collaborating in virtual reality. You can draw on the whiteboard or pull up any documents on the HUD web browser.

Don't have a VR headset? Don't worry, one is included with your $55/month subscription!

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Apart from a brief glimpse of a meeting space, 80% of the time is spent messing around with an awkward whiteboard implementation. The video needs to show open collaboration with other humans in VR. I catch a quick glimpse of another disembodied head in the demo but that's all.
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