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Ruin My Search History alternatives and competitors

Ruin your Google search history with a single click
Top Ruin My Search History alternatives
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  • With History Search you’ll be able to retrieve articles, open online documents, find emails or any other webpage using a phrase, comment or topic you remember.

    ✅ Available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari

    ❤️ Use PRODUCTHUNT25 for a 25% discount (valid Today and Tomorrow).

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    History Search has done wonders for my productivity - for example I read a lot of articles and find useful information in them but I never s…

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  • Fulck

    Fulck is showing more info about top websites now.

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  • Social History

    Are you browsing hundreds of profiles on social media or job-boards ? Tired of searching through your history to go back to a profile you found some time ago ? Discover Social History by Huntool (free & totally private).
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  • Genie History Search

    Finding a particular page is not always easy.

    With Genie History Search, all your open pages, bookmarks and history of pages are always at your finger tips. Simply click the extension icon or press Ctrl+K (Cmd+K) and Genie is here to help you.

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