Alternative products to Roomvine 2.0

15 alternative and related products to Roomvine 2.0

Roomvine 2.0
Chatrooms for real life venues, neighborhoods and events
15 Alternatives to Roomvine 2.0

Talk with your fellow makers directly inside Product Hunt 😺💬

Product Hunt's in-site messenger lets you chat with your fellow makers and friends across the community. While simple, Chat is quite robust. You can start a:

- Private 1-on-1 chat

- Private group chat

- Public group chat

Give it a shot and let us know what you think. 🤗

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Product Hunt
It's often said that every social network eventually adds messaging. Well, now you can include Product Hunt on that list. 😅 Once upon a time, Twitter didn't have DMs. It was a simple tool to broadcast your breakfast choices to the world, but there was no way to discuss your avocado toast choices in private.
14 Alternatives to Product Hunt Chat

Chat with people nearby. Even offline, on an ✈️.

Berkanan is a simple Bluetooth messaging app for chatting with people nearby. It makes it really easy to have public and private conversations with nearby users without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. No account needed.

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A new messaging app is looking to give folks a way to communicate in situations with poor or no cellular connectivity. Berkanan, founded by Zsombor Szabó, is a group messaging app that uses Bluetooth to send and receive messages. This means that Berkanan works in a plane, at a festival, camping, or...
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7 Alternatives to Berkanan

Chat via nearby persons. Instant, Secure, Anonymously. 🕶

The app, allows people to chat with others in the same area with anonymously. This app alike snapchat for ideas. You can chat others with same trend topic, snap ideas, even ask a question to the whole country!

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Turkish section : See more
6 Alternatives to Tick Chat

Fun chat rooms and subreddit chats

Chatdog makes it easy to create new chat rooms or join subreddit chats.

Simply create a new room or join a subreddit:

It's free and no app download, phone number, or email address is required!

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Jesse Fornear
After launching Chatdog on Product Hunt earlier this year, a popular feature request has been to add subreddit chats, and here it is!
5 Alternatives to Chatdog

Do things with people nearby

Present helps you find things to do with people nearby. Discover parties, sports, hobbies, events, and more. Join circles of local friends and neighbors who share your interests. Chat, share photos, and do more together. Version 2.0 introduces friending and private circles making it easier than ever to connect and make plans with friends nearby.

8 Alternatives to Present 2.0

A decentralised app for communities

Ourtopia provides a transparent and democratised space for every type of communities for, promoting and running a project. It provides facilities for small societies and communities to promote and grow smoothly. Ourtopia is a process to discover the power of communities.

8 Alternatives to Ourtopia
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