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A Personal Space for The Open Office

At ROOM, we’re reimagining the modern workplace. Our first product, ROOM One, is a soundproof booth that helps you get things done. It’s engineered with recycled plastic bottles to do more by using less, and it’s easy to move around and assemble. We ship flat and sell direct to keep costs low, making ROOM One the first to solve noise at scale.

9 Alternatives to ROOM

Silentmode is a powernap mask with immersive, high-end wireless audio and customised relaxation training through a 'Nap-iness' algorithm.

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Is breathing the new competitive advantage? What I've learnt by combining common breathing patterns with binaural frequencies. Delivering a higher level of oxygen to the brain. Breathonics is Silentmode's new and fresh form of mindfulness content. It's the first thing that people say whenever you have a traumatic experience.
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Can't fall to sleep anywhere? With the Silentmode, you'll be able to sleep just about everywhere. The new audio mask promises "100 percent blackout" so you can completely tune out the world, both visually and aurally.
Silentmode is raising funds for SILENTMODE : Powernap mask with immersive, high end audio on Kickstarter! Ready to change your life? Learn to master the power of naps at work, home, or when travelling. Immersive, comforting, high end sound.
Power naps can be good for you, and Silentmode has designed a nap mask with built-in audio to help you nap better. The Hong Kong company is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today to raise money to build the mask that allows people to tune out their environment and go to sleep more easily.
9 Alternatives to Silentmode

The noise cancelling wearable for your mouth

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This is the strangest by a mile. Noise canceling gimp mask
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Even better, there are ways two ways that your conversations are shielded from the world at large. A pair of thick cushy pads does a decent job muffling your voice, but the Hushme team added a series of sounds that play through some external speakers to obscure things even further.
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Privacy-conscious consumers could soon be able to protect their conversations from strangers using a wearable gadget that clips over their mouth. Hushme, which describes itself as the "world's first voice mask for mobile phones", is a rather extreme solution to an everyday problem.
Hushme's product - a hi-tech voice mask with a muzzle design - muffles the user's voice by allowing the overlay of masking sounds on to the voice. At a glance: On a phone call at your open-plan office or a public space, and don't want people nearby to overhear the conversation?
Walking the floor at Eureka Park, the startup pavilion here at CES 2017, I came across this strange product: Hushme, which is billed as the "world's first voice mask for mobile phones."
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3D Audio and smart noise-cancelling headphones

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Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies of 2017. The different glasses that are already on the market put you in the eyes of the protagonist, while the headphones get you full in the environment of the game you play.
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Affordable office phone booths for London

MEAVO makes high-quality office phone booths for London's busy open-plan offices and co-working spaces. Give your employees privacy when they need it. No more taking calls in hallways or the staircase. Increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Mike Periu
Have you ever worked in a cubicle? It's like a small four square metre prison cell. Sitting in your office chair, the only thing you see are family pictures you've pinned to the walls. Perhaps you recall the movie "Office Space" from the late 90s, starring Jennifer Aniston.
Office Phone Booths | UK | MEAVO Acoustic Soundproof Pods
Read the latest about MEAVO and how we can help you make your office a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
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