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21 alternative and related products to Robinhood for iOS

Status Money

Compare your finances. Find opportunities.

Status is the first and only PFM website that lets you anonymously compare your finances with millions of people like you! It shows you if you spend more on rent or restaurants than people living near you, if you earn less than people your age, or if you pay higher interest rates than people with similar credit scores.

4 Alternatives to Status Money

What product do you use for investing savings?

Ben LangSpoke
Robinhood for iOS - $0 commission stock brokerage
"I've used Robinhood, it's really easy and you can get started with low value stocks and then work your way up to investing more money when … See more
Betterment - We manage your investments so you don't have to.
"I've used Betterment since it was in beta. Highly recommend. I setup multiple accounts based on risk tolerance (how soon I may need the mon… See more

What is the first app you check as soon as you wake up?

Nirnay PatelI do growth stuff
The New Headspace - Learn to meditate and live mindfully
"Well, to be fair, I turn off my alarm first and then go through my notifications... but then it's right into Headspace for at least 5 minut… See more
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"It's got to be Slack. I check all the work-related stuff ahead of anything else most of the time."
Robinhood for iOS - $0 commission stock brokerage
"I'm about that money!"

What are your favorite platforms for stock trading?

Nikolaj Bomann MertzBlogger at The Data Dynasty
Robinhood for iOS - $0 commission stock brokerage
"Would also highly recommend Robinhood. Definitely agree that for more in depth research, you have to leave the app... but in terms of track… See more
Motif - Stop picking stocks. Invest in Ideas.
"I use Motif to do this when I want to set my own strategy/not used automated investment platforms or ETFs. It has fair pricing, and if you … See more

What are your favorite subscription services?

Vinh Pham🤤
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"I would recommend Spotify, simply because of the amazing 'Discover Weekly' feature! 🎵"
GitHub Projects - GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools
"The subscription model business must be a service that has the strong needs to the customer."
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