Alternative products to RIVYT Live

6 alternative and related products to RIVYT Live

Instant websites for Twitch & YouTube streamers

"RIVYT Live" automatically creates a live-streaming website from your Twitch or YouTube channel. Instantly!

Automatically grab your text, images and videos to generate a website in seconds. No signup required!

If you like what you see, you can activate the site for free OR choose a subscription plan for additional features.

6 Alternatives to RIVYT Live

🦄 Launchaco 2.0 is a simple website builder for startups. You answer a few questions and we'll do our best to design you a beautiful website!

Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva
Im waiting for the new version of launchaco !!!
Tinh Nguyen
Tinh Nguyen- Maker
Very easy to build landing pages. Simple Editor.
Aniket Patel
Aniket Patel- Venture Capital Analyst @evpvc
An absolute steal for the price you pay for (especially since you can make as many pages as you want)!
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Namecheap Blog
We are thrilled to announce that Namecheap has acquired Launchaco, a website builder platform that makes launching a site a seamless process.
15 Alternatives to Launchaco 2.0 🦄

Zach Dubos
Zach Dubos- Building robots @ FTC
The Grid is insane. Some crazy people created a service that creates websites that design themselves. You guide it, but The Grid does a ton on its own. Definitely one of the coolest site builders out there, and I love the name (Tron!)
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins- Digital Designer @ Snupps
This was very popular a couple of years ago. Haven't heard about them in a while though...
So much hype. So little reality. Interesting "SaaS-for-life" early backing model.
12 Alternatives to The Grid

Build your site with Sacha, the A.I. web designer

Firedrop is a webpage builder like no other: rather than using drag and drop or templates, simply talk to Sacha - the web design chatbot - and watch your website build up before your eyes.

Thomas Harris
Thomas Harris- Founder of Geminity Designs
The closest thing I've seen and it looks like its lacking in a lot of areas for user interface designing that a designer would look for, especially when you're trying to get assistance for the entire user experience. Hope this helps
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Firedrop was born out of a desire to create a product that would allow us to help those fantastic small businesses, and A.I. was the only way we could see of doing it without the overheads.
3 Alternatives to Firedrop

Connect with thousands of Twitch streamers to drive growth

PowerSpike allows you to find, hire and manage top Twitch influencers at scale so you can generate brand awareness and drive sales within the gaming community.

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For the past few years, influencer marketing has revolved around the same few platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Recently, however, newer influencer marketing platforms have begun to catch the attention of marketers looking to reach massive audiences. The most recent of which being Twitch.
PowerSpike, a startup helping live stream gaming influencers connect with brands, has closed a seed funding round of half a million dollars from the Philadelphia Sixers Innovation Lab, Techstars Atlanta, First Round Capital's Dorm Rood Fund and more. "We're excited to invest in AJ Damiano and his talented management team.
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