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Retro tool
Simple and effective retrospectives for your team
Retro tool is a simple and effective tool to manage your remote team retrospectives.
🙈 Anonymous, no login required​
🔗 Invite your colleagues by just sharing the url​
⏱️ Real-time​
🆓 Free and open source​
📱 Mobile/tablet friendly​
9 Alternatives to Retro tool

Outro is an app for *actually* effective team retrospectives.
🍾Bring the team together to celebrate our hard work.
👍Create a dedicated place to recognize teammates for their accomplishments.
🔍Identify what can be improved and hold ourselves accountable to it.

Taylor Crane
Taylor Crane
Outro might be a great fit. It's purpose-designed just for retros and my favorite thing about it is how the whole team starts to look forward to the ritual each week. Of course, I'm pretty biased because I am the maker of Outro :). Let me know what you think!
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Opt for a real, live meeting Invite the team together for a live and in person meeting, gathered around a communal table/conference room (or video call for remote folks). Avoid any temptation to do an "asynchronous" discussion via Google docs or some other tool. It misses the point.
First... What's a Retrospective? A retrospective is a recurring meeting with your team at work with a singular purpose: to look backwards in order to move forwards more effectively. Highly functioning teams host this meeting on a regular basis because they act as a forcing function for continuous improvement.
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Neatro helps your team grow with a selection of effective and industry-proven retrospectives. Whether you're leading a remote or in-person retrospective, pick the activity that matches your team's context. Create action items and assign owners in realtime.

Benjamin Cotrel
Benjamin Cotrel
Hi, I'm the co-founder of this tool. We focused on user experience and simplicity and it would be awesome to have your feedback.
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Metro Retro is a free web app that helps teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humor to riff on the classic paper based retrospective but taking advantage of modern tech!

Mushfiq Rahman
Mushfiq Rahman
This is a great free tool that lets you easily mind map things the way you would using a board and post it. There are also some great features in there that make the process of letting creativity flow much easier. Plus, it lets you collaborate with your team!
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Team O'clock is a service offering structured meetings for retrospective and daily standup.

Integrating with Slack, it offers some handy shortcuts for launching meetings and performing planning poker estimations for tasks and user stories directly through Slack channels.

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Retrium gives you access to popular retrospective facilitation techniques and includes features to help your team feel safe, prioritize follow up, and track progress. We help teams - colocated and distributed - have successful retrospectives every single time.

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Ben Linders
If you want to do agile retrospectives in dispersed or distributed teams, tools can help you to gather input from team members, establish a shared understanding of the current situation, and decide which improvement actions you want to do. The Retrium tool for on-line retrospectives is a tool that makes retrospectives for distributed teams easy and effective… See more
As developers and engineers adapt to working from home, communication issues inevitably arise. Certain applications and practices can help alleviate those challenges. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an influx of remote workers, with industries across the enterprise asking employees to work from home.
One of the foundational principles of Agile is individuals and interactions over processes and tools. In the past, this meant agile teams needed to be co-located to take advantage of high-bandwidth, face-to-face communication - at least, that's been the prevailing belief across the industry.
In this special edition of the podcast, made in conjunction with Retrium and the Agile Alliance, we brought together a panel of remote working experts to explore and share experiences around what teams and individuals can do to cope and be effective in the environment where so many people are suddenly forced to work from home and collaborate remotely.
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