Alternative products to Retro Analytics

9 alternative and related products to Retro Analytics

Retro Analytics

Use AI to get actionable insights that increase conversions

Get an immediate understanding of your customers, along with simple instructions to improve conversion rates. Set up takes seconds, point & click event creation is easy, and tracking is fully automatic.

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9 Alternatives to Retro Analytics

Monitor the vital signs of your business

Abhilash Jain
Abhilash Jain- Customer Success / Growth
Also try Geckoboard, its fairly simple to use. I had used this before Data Studio was available back here. It works well with Segment.
Alina Benny
Alina Benny- Content Marketing Manager @ Sales Hacker
Our support team at Freshdesk recently set up a support dashboard and it's been looking great so far! Here are some of their Marketing dashboard examples:
Derek J. Sine
Derek J. Sine- Managing Director, Vander Group.
This group has been around for a while. I used them a while ago... The only downside was the flexibility of integrations but the price was fair.
10 Alternatives to Geckoboard

Realtime Business Dashboards

Numerics helps you make better decisions by making relevant KPIs accessible to you at the right time. Visualize all your vital business statistics, live, in one place on any device.

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Cynapse is making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to track key performance indicators with Numerics dashboards on any of their Apple device
This has been official but under wraps for a while and it is now time to make the announcement: We are proud to announce that Cynapse is now an Apple Mobility Partner.
For over the last 24 months, our team has been working towards this major update for Numerics, and today we are proud to share with you Numerics 5! We believe that team members being always aware of their goals and metrics make a highly productive team and frictionless teamwork.
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10 Alternatives to Numerics

Audience insights with the power of AI

RefineAI is an audience insights platform for videos.

It uses emotion recognition AI to understand the Engagement, Emotional Appeal, and Actionable Feedback within minutes instead of weeks or months as with traditional focus groups.

Try with your own videos today on our platform. We would love to hear your feedback.

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Let's talk about the biggest advertising elephant in the room this year: Pepsi's Live For Now "short film" ad featuring Kendall Jenner. Published back in April 2017, the ad was pulled by the soda giant within 48 hours of airing for the first time.
Ahh, the world of online dating... Can leave some laughing on the outside, crying on the inside, as the song goes. Diesel proposes a solution with their JoggJeans line, and their latest campaign created by Publicis Italia . We put the ad to the test through the RefineAI Market Research platform and here's what we found out.
This year's Super Bowl LII certainly made history, once again, and lots of headlines with a surprise ending. Many were brought together in celebration, while others were struck and left speechless. One thing is clear though, fans from every corner of the nation were filled with passion and emotion.
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