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27 alternative and related products to Responsive Screenshots

Responsive Screenshots
Take responsive screenshots with the click of a button

Responsive screenshots does what it says on the tin, lets you take responsive screenshots by simply entering the URL on its page and clicking a button.

27 Alternatives to Responsive Screenshots

Instantly turn screenshots into beautiful images

Want to share what you've worked on with friends or co-workers but think a plain screenshot is a bit bland? Screely instantly turns your screenshot into a beautiful image you can share on Twitter, Slack, Telegram without needing Photoshop or Sketch templates.

Upload an image, choose your background color and hit that download button and share it!

James Daly
James Daly- Designer
If you're needing beautifully-formatted screenshots then you can't go past Screely
18 Alternatives to Screely

Discover a superior way to capture your Mac's screen 🚀

🖥 CleanShot is an app that makes it easier to capture your Mac's screen.

⚡️ Use Quick Access Overlay to instantly decide what you want to do with your screenshots.

🖍 Quickly highlight important parts of your screenshot with our built-in annotate tool.

🖼 Generate perfectly aligned window screenshots with your wallpaper as a background.

Nicholas Milot
Nicholas Milot- Entrepreneur//Cybersecurity🚀
CleanShot ❤️. Capture your screen without all that mess on your Desktop. Others features: - Screen recording - Annotate - Quick Access Overlay - Toggle Desktop icons - Window screenshots - Set custom wallpaper - Keyboard shortcuts
20 Alternatives to CleanShot

Easily create beautiful app store assets

Promomatic helps you easily generate app store assets in various sizes. Simply upload your app screenshots and you're good to go. Thousands of template combinations once you start playing with the customizable device frames, backgrounds, fonts and more!

Chris Moore
Chris Moore- Product Builder
One of the easiest app store asset builders out there. I've used it multiple times and really like how smooth it is to build custom store images.
Around the web
It's the end of October and time to launch my 2nd startup of the 12 startup challenge!
7 Alternatives to Promomatic

Create scrolling website screenshots, easily

Scrola is an online tool that allows you to easily create scrolling screenshots of your website or uploaded image. The final output is a beautiful video file that can be used to display your new product or web design.

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Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner
Michael Stelzner / / Wondering how to tell better stories with video? Wondering how to create interesting stories from mundane events or topics? To explore how to tell fascinating stories with video, I interview Cody Wanner. Cody is a classically trained filmmaker who specializes in telling compelling video stories.
儘管有很多可以建立 網站擷圖的軟體或網路服務,卻很少有人工具能幫你製作出動態效果的網頁畫面,這是什麼意思呢?簡單來說,就像是使用者實際在瀏覽網頁的感覺,會透過捲動方式慢慢往下瀏覽頁面,將這段過程錄製為影片格式,可以在網頁設計或投影片簡報中作為範例,雖然以 螢幕錄影工具 可以做到,但免不了需要花點時間編輯後製,還好科技就是用來解決問題,而現在已經有網路服務能幫你製作出網站瀏覽影片。 本文要推薦的「 Scrola」就是一款 協助使用者建立瀏覽網頁影片的線上工具,它可以在使用者輸入網址後產生瀏覽網頁的影片動畫,還能調整網頁對齊位置、裝置和瀏覽捲動速度,最終製作為 .mp4 影片格式讓使用者下載。 這類工具較少見,從以前到現在我還沒看過相同的服務,不過產生的影片倒是蠻有用,如果你想設計一個動態效果的網站(其實類似效果也… See more
Siècle Digital
Les mises en valeur de vos produits, offres et services sur votre site web par le biais de schéma, photo et vidéo servent à "hyper" votre proposition de yeux du visiteur. Dans cet veine, des outils comme Humaaans et ses schémas customisables peuvent servir à illustrer votre argumentaire.
5 Alternatives to Scrola

Generate website screenshots and thumbnails at scale

The Screenshot Bin API is highly configurable and integrates easily with top programming languages and frameworks.

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The Screenshot Bin API captures highly customizable screenshots and thumbnails generated within third-party applications. Screenshot Bin is free to start. The API supports web fonts, SVG, canvas, videos, and more. Developers can control speed and accuracy with dedicated API options.
17 Alternatives to Screenshot Bin

Create step-by-step guides for anything easily

StepShot Guides is a tutorial builder software that helps you create training manuals, technical blog reviews, software workflow presentations and step-by-step guides in minutes.

Sofia  Zhylych
Sofia Zhylych- Marketing Manager
An easy and powerful solution for creating/annotating screenshots and exporting a ready-to-share doc in 8 popular formats. Amazing timesaver!
Anastasia Yasevych
Anastasia Yasevych- Head of Marketing at StepShot
Creates tutorials and how-to articles/videos in just minutes! So now you can explain any process to your colleague or create help article for a customer in no time.
2 Alternatives to StepShot Guides

Discover a superior way to capture your Mac's screen 🚀

🖥 CleanShot is a macOS app that makes it easier to capture clean screenshots and screen recordings without Desktop icons.

New in 2.0:

• 🖍 Quickly highlight important parts of your screenshot or blur any sensitive content

• 🌚 Fully compatible with macOS Mojave

• Fixed a bug with microphone access

• Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Nicholas Milot
Nicholas Milot- Entrepreneur//Cybersecurity🚀
The best screenshot app ! CleanShot is a macOS app that makes it easier to capture clean screenshots and screen recordings without Desktop icons.
11 Alternatives to CleanShot 2.0

Quickly grab text with your phone's camera

Prizmo Go 2.0 brings handwriting recognition (English only), translation to 59 languages, and a new, more powerful, built-in neural network-based OCR in more languages.

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We are introducing this week version 2.0 of our Prizmo Go app, for instantly capturing text from the physical world. Prizmo Go got a great welcome last year when we released it, and was seen as a great and fresh execution of a number of technologies to simply achieve the goal of capturing text instantly.
Rating and price
8 Alternatives to Prizmo Go 2.0

A better way to capture, annotate and share screenshots

A macOS app for capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots. Quickly add comments, highlight what matters or blur any sensitive content. Upload screenshots to Google Drive or Dropbox. Copy screenshots to the clipboard and paste them directly into Slack, Skype, Jira, Trello and lots of other apps.

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ThinkMaverick - My Personal Journey through Entrepreneurship
Wondering how to take, edit and share a screenshot all at once? There has been a rapidly growing interest in screenshots since 2010. Screenshots have been widely used for many purposes, allowing you to save anything on your computer screen and share with whomever you want. Probably, you've seen or even used them...
10 Alternatives to ScreenTray

Automatically capture website screenshots every day/week/etc

Screenlapse automates the repetitive and tedious task of screenshotting websites regularly over a period of time. Keep track of website performance statistics, monitor competitors, document ad placement for advertisers, and archive your digital history.

4 Alternatives to Screenlapse

Create a unique web experience for each of your users

Adapti is a tool to help you create a unique web experience for each of your users.

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Le Quotidien
L'entreprise a développé un service de personnalisation de sites web en temps réel en fonction du profil du visiteur. Rencontre avec Antoine Granjon et Bastian Jakobsen, les cofondateurs de la start-up installée au Lux Future Lab. On ne peut pas y échapper. Et tout un chacun en a déjà fait l'expérience.
Trade and Invest
Antoine Granjon, Adapti CEO:- Initially, we had been looking for office space around Luxembourg. Thanks to the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg being so well connected, Diego De Biasio from Technoport suggested the Fit 4 Start programme to us.
In June 2016, Antoine Granjon and Bastian Jakobsen founded a start-up offering a boutique service enabling websites to personalise content and design based on the profile of the user in real time. We caught up with the start-up's founders.
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