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Investment app for Indians

Piggy is an app for Indians to invest in mutual funds to save for their retirement

The name "Piggy" might seem weirdly uninviting for an investment app - which is serious business - but co-founder Nikhil Mantha says it holds a kind of comfort that should attract users in India to start building and tackling their own portfolio.
You've seen those mutual funds advertisements on TV, and probably shrugged a little. There's free gyaan, and then some more, offered by the enlightened to the envious ignorant. Rewind a little, and you will remember the breathless T & C statements that have followed these ads --mutualfundsinvestmentsaresubjecttomarketriskspleasereadtheofferdocumentcarefullyb… See more
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Crowdfunding site for food + beverage entrepreneurs

I love a conversation that starts with me thinking one thing and ends with me thinking something completely different. That happened recently at a dinner with Cheryl Clements, Founder, and CEO of PieShell and WavenDean Fernandes of Perspective Branding. We were sitting in a funky little fondue place in San Francisco talking about crowdfunding and the whole f… See more
When you think of crowdfunding, you think of raising capital for a unique idea or cause. But what if I told you that crowdfunding can be much more than just a tool to raise capital? Since going mainstream in 2013, crowdfunding has grown worldwide to a volume of $16.2 billion dollars.
PieShell is a new crowdfunding site dedicated to food and beverage startups. New York City-based PieShell was founded by Cheryl Clements, also the CEO, who is an immigrant entrepreneur from Canada. Despite the buzz around artisanal food products, popular farmers markets and food fairs featuring local small businesses across the U.S., there are almost no crow… See more
CEO and Founder, Cheryl Clements, discusses how PieShell, a crowdfunding platform for food + beverage, is disrupting the market.
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