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Repo Lovers
An online magazine interviewing talented developers 👨‍💻
Repo Lovers is an online magazine made for developers, coders, hackers, makers, tinkers and everything else in between. Repo Lovers sets out to build an archive of interviews featuring talented folks building software.
7 Alternatives to Repo Lovers

Community's #1 news source for all things indie maker 👨‍🎤

⛵ Makers Up is currently the fastest growing news source in the indie maker community. Dubbed as a TechCrunch for makers, Makers Up keeps you up-to-date on your favorite makers, products & events 24/7.

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Google Docs
Welcome to Makers Up's sponsors / advertiser / promoter FAQ section! You have reached here either through our homepage, Twitter, our press releases, or from Buy Me a Coffee. What are makers up to? Get your updates and reviews on indie makers and products. Follow us on Twitter (@makersup), cu...
Maker Mag
Zachary Sy was eight years old when he first registered for Facebook. He was fascinated about how he could talk to his friends and play games with them even if they lived far apart.
We take a moment to talk about the rising makers' news source, Makers Up.
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Interviews of profitable freelancers and agencies

Freelancing People is a community for freelancers. I am doing interviews with freelancers who are profitable and share strategies they used for growth. I want to make a community where I can talk to most of the freelancers and help all of us to be profitable and happy - We're all in this together!

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Freelancing People
Jason is a WordPress developer by trade and has focused solely on WordPress for several years now. He "grew up" learning Java, went down the Ruby on Rails path, all the while doing custom PHP development. WordPress made sense because he loved how things looked on the backend, but more importantly how it worked on the backend for my customers.
Freelancing People
We interviewed Jef, a partner at Spatie about how they grew their consulting agency. It sure has been an insightful journey for them, and a lot to learn from their experiences. Originally, Spatie was founded 12 years ago by Willem Van Bockstal as a one-person company.
Freelancing People
My story starts back in college when I was an electrical engineering major. I was sitting in Calc 2 class, and I hated it. I ended up quitting going to that class, which was abnormal for me because I was a good student and realized I needed to make a change.
Freelancing People
My first paid work was a Saturday job as a electrican's mate. Possibly as a result, I did Electronic & Electrical Engineering at university where the computer software parts of the course piqued my interest. I've worked for a variety of companies doing embedded software, Windows and Unix GUI apps and then I moved into writing web software.
Freelancing People
After dropping out of college to start a debt-collection business, I became interested in using computerized tools to help manage cases and aid with sales calls. I had been a computer enthusiast since age eight but never thought there was any potential for earning a living with them before my experience co-owning a collection agency.
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