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Top Rental Kharma alternatives
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  • Trustbond is a surety bond that replaces the rental deposit, unlocking your money for the things that matter to you. Trustbond uses reputation like Airbnb reviews instead of credit scores enabling more people's access. We partnered with the largest Australian insurer to give confidence to landlords. Available in Australia first.

    It´s simple and very useful

  • Credit bureaus use your apartment rental payments today to calculate your credit score, but only if your rental payments are on your credit report. Pinch is the only mobile app that lets you, a tenant, report your rent payments to all 3 major credit bureaus and improve your credit score. Best of all, Pinch is completely free to use.


  • Have you ever dreamed of paying or collecting rent online using crypto? We’re excited to introduce the first rent payment platform to make that real.

    Our BERRY Token payments are different from regular cash, checks, and bank operations. Rentberry payments operate worldwide, require no fee and are processed rapidly within the blockchain network.

    Submitted a property as landlord and the process is smooth and easy.

  • FluxCredit™

    FluxCredit™ is a BBB accredited, all-inclusive solution to legally eliminate debts, perfect your credit & earn cash back towards a VISA secured credit card.

  • MoCaFi helps you transition from financial uncertainty to economic mobility.