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The premise is simple, if you update your product, you should update your customers, team, and stakeholders.
ReleaseNotes.io makes it simple to create and share product updates via a hosted site, email announcements, and embeddable modals and banners.
Top ReleaseNotes alternatives
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  • Announce new features with beautiful and effective release note in-app widgets and standalone pages, and see your release feedback turn into insights.
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  • Changefeed v2

    For the past six months we worked on making Changefeed better based on your feedback. Today we’re excited to announce:
    - Custom domains 🗺
    - Embeddable widget 🚨
    - Newsletter support 📧
    - Zapier integration 🔀
    - Public API access 💻
    - Improved design ✨
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  • With the Canny Changelog, you can close the feedback loop by announcing your newest features. Celebrate your team's hard work and make sure your customers are up to date. Try it out in our free 14-day trial!
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    We've been using Canny for about a year now. It's been great for guiding our next feature requests and showing our customers that we care.

  • Changelog

    Have a changelog based on Wordpress
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  • Understanding your customer needs is the best way to not waste time and money creating features they don't want.

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    It's a service to notify about updates in a project's changelog, with slack integration, and maybe in the future anothers integration could …

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  • Simple way to create a changelog for your product
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  • Beamer is a changelog and notification center that lets you announce new features, product updates, special offers and more.
    With this new Intercom app you can display your product updates in Intercom Messenger. Get more user engagement and reduce churn.
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  • Logster [closed]

    Changelog service to publish changes & release notes

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  • Changelog.gy

    Every product needs a changelog to make it easier for its users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made between each release (or version) of the product.
    Create unlimited changelog pages using Changelog.gy.
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  • Renote

    Renote is release notes manager. You can share release notes with colleagues and get instant anonymous feedback.
    Find responsible employees and subscribe to their release notes.
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