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8 alternative and related products to Referral Saasquatch

Referral Saasquatch
Customer referral platform for SaaS
8 Alternatives to Referral Saasquatch

Dropbox’s referral program is possibly one of the most famous cases of referral marketing done right. ❤️

That’s why we wanted to do something special for the Product Hunt community and make it easier for you to understand how it works and implement it for your own company.

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Inside Viral Loops
Your existing user base is probably one of the most powerful user acquisition channels. With PPC ads being more and more expensive and long-tail search terms too competitive, word of mouth is a great choice as an acquisition channel. You get high value signups at an effective CAC, much lower than promoting your app on [...]
Inside Viral Loops
This is the 3rd addition to the "How the hell did they pull this" series- it's not official, I just like to name things. During the past few months we wrote about: How the Hustle's milestone referral program earned them 300k fanatics. How Harry's gathered 100K emails in a single week with a milestone referral program.
20 Alternatives to How to grow like Dropbox

GrowSurf is a free tool that helps you run viral referral campaigns 🚀

Jamie Gordon
This is cheaper than other competitors and is easy to implement.
Jamie Gordon
This is cheaper than other competitors and is easy to implement.
4 Alternatives to GrowSurf
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