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12 Alternatives to Refer Me Please

Search engine on top of twitter to find jobs in real time.

Nowadays Companies posting job opportunities on @Twitter
🚀 So, I build a Search Engine on the top of twitter to find jobs in real time.
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Nowadays Companies posting job opportunities on @Twitter. 🚀 So, I build a Search Engine on the top of twitter to find jobs in real time. 🔗 Tool: See more
12 Alternatives to Tweet Jobs

A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and managers alike. With Recruitee you can use data to optimize every aspect of your recruitment process. Recruitee helps you acquire the very best talent. Recruitee's award-winning software is used by companies such as Lacoste, VICE, Dunkin' Donuts, Hotjar, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Beth Hudson
Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
Recruitee is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that has a bunch of desktop users, but they also just released an iOS and Android app! Here's the blog post on it: It allows you to continue your recruitment efforts on the go, which is so important in modern hiring. Everyone has a mobile device these days, so opportunities… See more
Beth Hudson
Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
Recruitee is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that comes in different packages dependent on how many active jobs or talent pools you want to have. I work with them and also highly recommend them for any size company/agency with any budget. Here's a quick rundown of the features and what the software can do for your recruitment process and overall work envi… See more
Beth Hudson
Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
Recruitee is for hiring all year round (which you should be doing!). The product focuses on collaborative hiring, so it encourages employee referrals and input in the hiring decisions (aka a better company environment in the long run!).
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Helping great companies find amazing board members

Hired Goons lets great companies find amazing independent board members to help them grow and scale.

James Gallagher
James Gallagher- Publicly Traded Person
This project was a board-member-as-a-service (BMaaS?) platform that allowed you to discover board members, as well as find companies who are interested in looking for board members.
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tl;dr - I built Hired Goons to help startups find great independent board members for their company. For more, read on... Starting a company is tough. Scaling it is even harder. The people you surround yourself with throughout that process - investors, advisors, mentors and board members - can make the difference between success and failure.
10 Alternatives to Hired Goons

Ask references, build reputation, get hired!

Having references is critical - whether it is for a job, or university admissions or even finalizing a tenancy. ReferSense makes it easy (and free!) for everyone to build a Reputation profile by asking References and endorsements.

Based on your strengths gathered from the feedback, our AI technology matches you with employer job postings.

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It has been a year of fake news. We, as consumers, are increasingly discovering that many of the stuff that we love and read about, are turning out to be fake. Like the 400,000$ GoFundMe heart-warming story raising money for a homeless veteran who had given his last 20$ bill to a stranded motorist.
10 Alternatives to Refersense

Get introductions to companies as you browse career pages

Signal is a chrome extension that finds introduction pathways to your favorite companies as you browse their career pages.

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Finding a new job can be frustrating. Here's a common scenario: You find a job that you really like posted on a job board You send in a resume and a short cover letter Your resume gets stacked in a pile of many others Someone browses it for a few keywords and then it gets thrown in the trash bin Meanwhile, you're still anxiously waiting to hear back Why is t… See more
6 Alternatives to Signal by Drafted

A twitter-based reference platform

Profiler helps you get references from your followers. They might write about you from some aspects of relationship, frequency you contact each other, and rate. It’s aim for transparency who Twitter users are.

7 Alternatives to Profiler

Earn bitcoin for referring friends to crypto jobs

CryptoJobs by Xpo.Network is the only crypto jobs site that allows for bitcoin referral rewards.

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In the past few years, we have seen a number of talented individuals leave their well settled jobs and go work at Blockchain startups. In fact, on Crypto Twitter, my feed usually contains at least one such post.
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Become a headhunter: manage, track & get paid for referrals

Eminently is the first platform that helps you manage your job and business referrals, track it, and get paid when a deal is made. In fact, you surely have introduced people for job or business opportunities, but how often were you kept informed, paid, or rewarded for it? Also, we record digital proofs on a blockchain to value your contribution.

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Product Hunt
Eminently - Become a headhunter and get paid for referrals! on Product Hunt
August 2, 2018: Romain Pellerin posted images on LinkedIn
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