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Reeder 3

The best feed reader just got better

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Winds 2.0

Open source podcast & RSS desktop app

Winds 2.0 is a beautiful Open Source podcast & RSS reader created by Stream. Free desktop apps are available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

The Stream Blog
I love using RSS to follow the programming and tech news I care about. Unfortunately, the number of sites supporting RSS has been in rapid decline over the last few years. The reader ecosystem is slowly degrading as well. Facebook and Twitter's dominance is now delivering its final blow to the open standard of RSS.
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RSS Reader with filtering and sharing.

Ht Nawsaj
Made and maintained by single person,including Android and iOS app support.
Marijuana News
NewsBlur is my secret weapon. I subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds and then zero in on important articles by automatically filtering for certain keywords. I also read newsletters in NewsBlur instead of letting them pile up in my email inbox. It has eliminated so much noise from my life.
Becky Pallack- product manager, Arizona Daily Star
There's a free version, but I pay for this because it's the best RSS reader. Great on desktop and phone.
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Sismics Reader

Free and open source feeds reader ☕

Looking for a simple and open feed reader?

Free, open source, easy to use, Sismics Reader is what you need to keep your feeds under control.

- Access all your RSS and Atom feeds in one central easy readable place.

- Sismics Reader can be installed in few steps on all major OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

- Import or export all your subscriptions and starred articles, from or to Sismics Reader.

- Tired of proprietary platform closing one after another (like Google Reader) ? Sismics Reader is Open Source, which means it will always be available.

- Find an old article with the fast and easy embedded search engine.

10 Alternatives to Sismics Reader

What is the best macOS RSS reader?

Jacopo LupiUX Designer @ Dollaropath
Reeder 3 - The best feed reader just got better
"Definitely a fan of Reeder for Mac. Tons of features, simple design, easy to use, and it's fast."
Reeder 2 For Mac - RSS reader
"Using Reeder for some years and don't know a better alternative."
Leaf - RSS News reader for your Mac
"I've tried Reeder before and this is much better than the Reeder I think."

What's the first app you open when you wake up?

Gabriel Lewis🤔
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
"It's always feel comfortable I can see some new products when I awake"

What are the must have apps for an iPhone if you moved from Android?

Mohammed RafyAll things Community @DoSelectHQ
Reeder 3 - The best feed reader just got better
"If you use RSS readers this is by far the best I've used and it's not available on Android."

What app do you use to read your newsletter in one place?

Iqbal Rafi
Reeder 3 - The best feed reader just got better
"This app has a great interface, is very simple & straight forward to use/set-up, just overall a great way to organize your RSS feeds!"
Flipboard 3.0 - Discover, collect and share all the news you care about
"Flipboard also helps me store the relevant articles that connect to topics that matter. I often teach, so I use this to pull relevant reso… See more
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