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A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

Recruitee is Europe's leading recruitment software platform for teams of all sizes. From talent sourcing to talent management, Recruitee helps teams streamline and automate their recruitment efforts to efficiently acquire the best talent. Recruitee's award-winning platform is used by clients such as Hotjar, Greenpeace, Hudsons Bay, and Vice.

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The headcount planning tool with built-in market data

Standardized compensation helps you plan better, pay fairly and preserve cash and equity runway. That’s why we built, a free, easy-to-use headcount planning tool with built in compensation market data.

LTSE Tools
C onnery Consulting has been a compensation, recruiting, and HR resource for venture-backed startups for over a decade. We've consulted with portfolio companies from Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, Greylock, Sequoia and Index (and many others) on pay and equity strategies with clients ranging in size, stage of financing, and growth.
LTSE Tools is the latest release from the LTSE product team, a free, easy-to-use headcount planning tool with built in compensation market data. Click here to check it out. Read on to learn why we think it's useful. Compensation is the 'dark family secret' of startups. It's highly personal, high-consequences, and not for polite discussion.
5 Alternatives to Hiringplan

Breezy HR - Modernize Your Hiring Process

Trello for Recruiting. Start your free trial today

Jessica Treeman- HR, design, fashion with a dash of geek
Great products & companies are built with great teams. Breezy makes it easy to attract and hire them. What's even better? You can use it for free. Breezy is the only hiring tool available with a completely free subscription tier. #startuplife PS: If you love Trello, you're going to fall deeply in love with Breezy. You'll ❤️ it.
Jessica Treeman- HR, design, fashion with a dash of geek
We all know building a great product & company requires having a great team. Breezy makes it easy to attract and hire them. What's even better? Breezy is the only hiring tool available with a completely free subscription tier. PS: If you love Trello (who doesn't?) you're going to ❤️ Breezy: #startuplife
Darren Bounds- CEO, Founder @ Breezy HR
Anyone in a startup knows having a great team to back you up is critical. Breezy helps you find & hire them. Breezy HR is the only recruiting product with a $0 free tier; perfect for startups.
19 Alternatives to Breezy HR - Modernize Your Hiring Process

Freshteam by Freshworks

Recruiting software for recruiters who want to do more

Good recruiters know how to find great candidates. It's all the other things that they need help with. Tasks that don't necessarily need skill like scheduling interviews and collecting feedback. Enter Freshteam, the applicant tracking system that helps your recruiters focus more on the important stuff: finding great talent.

Aishwarya Hariharan- Marketing at Freshworks
An applicant tracking system. A lot of startups (including us early on) ask their employees to refer candidates so you need an easy way to manage these referrals. When you have an ATS from the get go to manage your candidates, you can make sure that every candidate profile is handled carefully and every hire is vetted thoroughly. The cost of a hiring mistake… See more
Aishwarya Hariharan- Marketing at Freshworks
Any kind of ATS that allows you to collect structured interviewed feedback from your interviewers ideally works for hiring with culture-fit. When you hire someone who is a value-fit (I prefer values over culture because it's a less ambiguous term), you're looking for some specific values they share with you and having an interview process that encourages you… See more
Aishwarya Hariharan- Marketing at Freshworks
LinkedIn is a great sourcing tool but you need to manage those candidates somewhere :) Freshteam is an applicant tracking system that can help you manage sourcing, interviews and hiring candidates!
The Economic Times
Updated: Aug 18, 2017, 09.42 AM IST BENGALURU: Cloud-based business software provider Freshworks has launched Freshteam, a recruitment management software that helps businesses organise their talent acquisition function, engage with candidates and better align the human resources function to business goals. Using Freshteam, recruiters can manage the entire r… See more
The Indian Wire
With Freshworks, the company aims to improve hiring experience for not only recruiters but every stakeholders in the process. Freshworks, the cloud-based business management service provider, has today announced the launch of its new platform - Freshteam. Freshteam is an online recruitment management platform that enables businesses to efficiently organise t… See more
Read more about Freshworks launches Freshteam, a CRM for recruiters on Business Standard. Freshworks, the leading provider of cloud-based business software, today announced the launch of Freshteam, a recruitment management software that empowers businesses to efficiently organize their talent acquisition function, engage with candidates,
Inc42 Media
Cloud-based business software provider Freshworks has launched its latest product Freshteam- a recruitment management software that enables businesses to efficiently organise their talent acquisition function. The CRM software targeted at recruiters allows businesses to engage with candidates, and better align the human resource department to business goals.
5 Alternatives to Freshteam by Freshworks


Don't look for your next job.

Ever been bombarded with calls and emails from recruiters promoting irrelevant jobs? dubl connects you with the right Recruiters (or agents, as we call them). Create a profile in minutes, specify what you're looking for and see high quality, vetted agents. You're in control, so agents can only see your profile if you've reached out to them first.

12 Alternatives to dubl

Frrole DeepSense Dashboard

Talent Assessment on Steroids

Frrole DeepSense is a tool for recruiters to automate talent assessment at the top of the funnel using candidates' soft skills derived from their public social activity.

Using an email ID/LinkedIn URL/Twitter handle/phone #, you can create profiles of candidates that include DISC+OCEAN assessment and other recruitment-related attributes.

Try it out.

Are great entrepreneurs cut from the same cloth as us ordinary mortals? What psychological traits separate them from the rest of the pack? A lot of VCs and entrepreneurs have pondered about this question, and we turned to DeepSense, a personality profiling tool from Frrole, a Bengaluru startup to check if it had any definitive answers for us.
The relationship between HR and automation has been uneven to say the least. While functions like payroll, benefits adjustments, and recordkeeping are often handled fully by machines, human beings still play major roles in other HR functions. What can we expect 2018 to bring with regard to HR automation?
Hiring managers already are using artificial intelligence with social media profiles to supplement general background screening. But now, a new artificial intelligence service, DeepSense by Frrole, enables professionals to do even more. The service creates an entire personality profile to give business leaders a bigger picture about the kind of individual yo… See more
9 Alternatives to Frrole DeepSense Dashboard

Jazz HR

Streamline every stage of your recruitment process

Jazz - HR is a scalable recruiting platform you need to recruit better candidates, get more organized, and make great hires.

Jazz HR offers advanced features for:

1. Job posting and Syndication

2. Applicant Tracking System

3. Interviews and Assessments

4. Offers and eSignatures

5. Reporting and Compliance
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- JazzHR, the leading recruiting solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses, was named the No. 1 most user-friendly Applicant Tracking Software, in addition to being the seventh Most Popular ATS and one of the 20 most affordable solutions by Capterra.
The integration is designed to help customers save time and effort by streamlining recruiting workflows. Recruiters can see candidate data (like status and interview notes) directly within LinkedIn Recruiter to prioritize new leads and avoid duplicating outreach. Recruiters can also view an up-to-date LinkedIn profile widget for each candidate and export lim… See more
13 Alternatives to Jazz HR

Beamery Pages

Personalize every candidate experience

Most candidates aren’t ready to apply when they visit your website - they’re looking for relevant information, not a lengthy form. Beamery Pages help you stand out to passive candidates with personalized landing pages and events, and capture important information so you can start building a relationship.

3 Alternatives to Beamery Pages

Next Workmate automatically scores applications submitted to your job postings based on keywords provided by you, immediately giving you an indication of the most interesting applicants.

The cover letters and attached PDF files for all applications are searchable, performing bulk operations is easy and a great overview for everything is provided.

9 Alternatives to Next Workmate

What's the best platform for finding outsource/remote freelancers?

Artem Gavrysh
YouTeam - A fast and easy way to hire software engineers
"I'd recommend you to check YouTeam if you're looking for software developers. It's an alternative to freelancers, but also a platform for f… See more
Fiverr - Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5
"Freelancers across digital verticals."
Recruitee - A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
"Hiring is difficult and unorganized enough. Adding outsourcing and remote freelancers into the mix calls for even more attention to detail … See more

Best CRM for multisided platforms?

Oliver CurtingFounder & Owner,
Recruitee - A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
"If by finding instructors, you mean hiring them, you could always use an ATS (applicant tracking system) like Recruitee to keep them all in… See more
Streak - CRM in your inbox - for Gmail
"I'm not entirely sure if Streak would solve *all* of your problems, but it's what I immediately thought of when I read your question. I wou… See more

What are great examples of products startups built as internal tools?

David AdamuMaker.
Recruitee - A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
"Recruitee has a great story of their pivot to starting up a SaaS on their blog if you'd like to check it out! Essent… See more

What's the best tool for team task management?

Trifon Tsvetkov
Recruitee - A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
"Recruitee is the ATS version of Trello, allowing for unlimited users to collaborate during the hiring process! It organizes candidates, str… See more
Outplanr - Turn your to-do list into a real work plan
"Outplanr turns your to do lists into a work plan. It’s a team work planner which helps you balance your and your team work-life, by delegat… See more
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