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10 alternative and related products to Recess


Sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens

We all have too many tabs open in our browsers and in our brains. That’s why we made Recess: each can is a moment to reset and rebalance. It’s how you wish that 2pm coffee would make you feel.

10 Alternatives to Recess

Kin Euphorics makes a first-of-its-kind beverage that gives you a buzz without the booze. Euphorics are created from a stack of adaptogens+nootropics+botanics that stimulate your neurochemistry to provide blissful feelings including clarity, focus, flow, and calm. High Rhode lifts your mood and dissolves stress with no hangover the next day.

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When considering all the nuggets of wisdom that I retained from my college experience, alongside the value of an internship, the defining works of the expressionist movement, and "how to build a media plan" exists a long list of alcohols to avoid at all costs.
Kin will actually give you the pick-me-up that many turn to alcohol for - and don't get. What if a night of drinking actually made you feel more focused, more connected, and improved your mood? And what if it came without the hangover?
We were somewhere around a barstool, on the edge of Soho, when the drugs began to take hold. The mood-altering medium of the evening? Kin, the first of a newly invented category of functional beverages called "euphorics."
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Our Edibles prioritize taste, quality, and consistent dosing for an unparalleled experience. Our vegan Quinoa Granola Bites are packed with protein and a low dose of THC.

Meticulously crafted by our expert food scientist, and always lab tested, these bites combine the finest food ingredients with a low dose of pure THC. Perfect for any activity.

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Cannabis-infused edibles, in theory, represent the oldest, healthiest, and most natural way to consume THC, CBD, and other therapeutic chemical compounds found in the plant. Ironically, however, cannabis is all-too-often the healthiest ingredient. "Eating your weedies" allows the body to process cannabinoids more thoroughly, and with far longer-lasting effec… See more
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Test Results: 10mg THC Tested By: Harrens | Instagram: @3leafedibles Website: 3Leaf Edibles 3Leaf Edibles impressed me the minute I set eyes on their product line. Packaged in a sleek, black jar, each low-dose, bite-sized treat is individually labeled and wrapped in gold foil.
A long hike can be an excellent solution for centering the mind and body. One of my favorite hiking snacks is 3Leaf's Quinoa Granola Bites. Infused with 10 milligrams of THC, each bite is packed with protein from nutritious flax and quinoa, making these delicious treats a perfect low-dose solution for the health conscious.
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