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13 alternative and related products to RealtimeBoard 2.0

RealtimeBoard 2.0
Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool

UPD' 2019: RealtimeBoard is now called Miro.

RealtimeBoard is an online whiteboard for remote product teams. Over 2M users use us to review and plan sprints together, map complex flowcharts, create and discuss prototypes and present research results.

13 Alternatives to RealtimeBoard 2.0

The visual workspace for teams.

Unlock your creativity - Whimsical is the best way to collaborate on your ideas visually. Create beautiful flowcharts and wireframes with speed and ease. Focus on your idea not design, Whimsical will make sure it looks good.

Kamil- Designer
Whimsical does a lot things right, super efficient, realtime collaboration.
Jeremy Kovac
Jeremy Kovac- Product
Hands down the easier flowcharting tool I've used. They do a great job of limiting, shapes, colours and icons so you can focus on the important things. It just works.
Seth Hawkins
Seth Hawkins- Content Marketing Manager, Vivint
Agreed. The infinite canvas is a great way to throw all the ideas out there at once. It's easy to comment on specific elements, and easy to bring web pages into the site. Simply paste in a URL and usually it will pull in a preview of the page.
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A slack bot to boost your team engagement and collaboration

Elin empowers your teams for outstanding results! helps to build mission-driven companies by measuring culture, sharing insights and coaching employees and managers on how to create a more positive, engaging and collaborative environment.

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In the new era of work, being in an office is no longer a reality for a lot of employees, a lot of them working from home or coworking spaces. At the same time, the need to collaborate is higher than...
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Freshconnect is a collaboration tool that gives you all the context. Avoid going back and forth between different tools to share information. Collaborate without having to copy-paste the context every time you discuss something!

With this launch, Freshconnect is available exclusively for Freshdesk and Freshsales users.

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But aren't there enough collaboration tools in the market, you might ask? We thought so too. But we learnt that we were wrong. As Freshworks grew from a small team where people walked to each other to discuss work and collaborate, to a team that works across five different continents and seven different time zones, we have tried using many of these tools to … See more
New solution empowers cross departmental customer engagement teams to collaborate where they work SAN BRUNO, Calif., Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Freshworks, the global leader in customer engagement cloud software, today announced the launch of Freshconnect, a new contextual collaboration solution for support and sales teams. Immediately available to Freshd… See more
8 Alternatives to Freshconnect by Freshworks

AI-driven engagement tracker and coach for Slack-based teams

Track and improve your team engagement! Integrate fast by installing Slack app, get background analysis of team communication in Slack public channels, see metrics in real-time on a visual dashboard and get weekly coaching to increase the lowest metrics.

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Keeping team members engaged and motivated can be a struggle, especially in fast-growing, partially remote or introvert-dominant teams. Surveys and 1-2-1 take a lot of resources and are subjective. Why not track people's engagement automatically by analyzing data you already creating in Slack everyday?
Not being in the same office impacts communication more than anything. One day all you had to do is say the news out loud and everyone knew. Now if you forget to share it with everyone equally, bad things can happen: someone will be left in the dark, feel left out or communicate wrong information to your customers!
The challenge of engaging remote workers has been on the radar for a while (google it, you'll know what I mean!). According to different sources, between 25-43% of the US workforce works remotely at least some of the time and the number is rapidly increasing.
"The future has arrived - it's just not evenly distributed yet." William Gibson Hi there! My name is Elin and I'm here to make sure your distributed teams are successful, and with that, help your company achieve great heights! How do I do that? The first thing anyone looks at in a company is its strategy.
Interview by Jennifer Ip L ast week we had a pleasure to give an interview to an amazing person and a friend of Elin team - Jennifer Ip. Jennifer is a Senior Human Resources professional with 10+ year's experience as a coach, mentor, and catalyst of organizational transformation and employee engagement initiatives.
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