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ReadMe alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for ReadMe

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  • Docusaurus

    Save time and focus on your project's documentation. Simply write docs and blog posts with Markdown and Docusaurus will publish a set of static html files ready to serve.

  • Visual Studio Live Share

    3 reviews

    It doesn’t matter what type of app you’re building, what language you’re programming in, or what OS you’re on: when you need to collaborate, Live Share will instantly share your project with a teammate. Edit and debug together in real time without teammates needing to clone a repo or set up their environment.

    Been using since the private beta and it's been amazing tool for distributed teams.

  • nicedoc

    2 reviews
    nicedoc.io aims to reduce documentation friction, converting any markup file hosted on github.com into instant beauty documentation.
    No generators, hosting extra things or whatever: just focus on writing the content and nicedoc does the rest.

    Awesome! 💯

  • Algolia's New Docs Search

    1 review
    We're taking documentation search to new heights with Algolia and Autocomplete.
    Spotlight-like experience, dynamic grouping, keyboard navigation, Query Suggestions, Quick Filters, and more. You'll never want to leave the comfort of our search.
  • The Documentation Compendium

    It doesn’t matter how good your repository is, because if the documentation is not good enough, people will not use it.
    THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE GLANCE AND LEAVE. Make it pretty so that it's easier for them to star before they leave.
  • Pimp my README by webapp.io

    1 review
    Pimp my README is an open source profile builder that you can use to add some cool components to your README profile. Reminiscent of MySpace days and its myspace editor (https://www.pimp-my-profile.com/generators/myspace.php)
  • MyloDocs

    Create and host beautiful documentation sites for your product, API, project or Saas. Don't spend time on designing and creating your own documentation website. Focus on whats important. Focus on writing great docs. Your users will love it.
  • README Gen

    Build amazing README files for your project faster than ever before with README Gen
  • Paircast

    Paircast helps developers automatically document their code by aligning screencasts with code changes. Everything you say as well as your code changes are transcribed (into markdown) right next to the video.
  • Create Documentation

    Free options
    Easy to use software Documentation Builder
    You are a developer and often create digital products which need to have easy-to-use documentation. Then this product is for you!
  • docs.page

    Focus on the content of your documentation rather than the details of its setup with docs.page - a zero generation, zero config & zero hosting required service, supporting custom domains, instant previews (including locally - with no tools required) and more.