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Readder alternatives and competitors

A Reddit client with advanced features
Cloud metering and usage-based pricing and billing for SaaS
  • Reddit App 2.0

    The Reddit iOS and Android app is all new, with a big redesign focused on making the software more interactive and social. Today’s updated app introduces things like live comment feeds, in-app chat, tools for moderators and more.

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  • reddit shell

    Web-based shell for browsing reddit (pretend you're working)
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  • Beam for reddit

    Discover and browse reddit on your iPhone
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  • We call Reddit.com the "front page of the Internet," but it occurred to me that that's only true in a very abstract sense. So I thought I'd extend that metaphor to something concrete! Unim.press is a Reddit reader/browser that looks like the NYT front page.
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  • Another client for Reddit, but this time, it's not just a client. It's a different way of browsing photos, GIFs, memes and other things there!
    Created to please your eyes, fulfill your visual needs and make your fingers rest. Double tap to show your love.
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  • Comit for Reddit

    A better way to browse reddit.
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  • Walnut

    Walnut shows the hottest videos from Reddit and YouTube channels. It groups them by topic, so you can watch what you feel like. You also can search for videos from YouTube or choose a specific subReddit to watch. 📺
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  • Minimalist Reddit

    Reddit without ads, the new design or anything unnecessary. Helps you avoid the Reddit blackhole and be more productive.

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  • Nano for Reddit

    Nano is the best way to browse Reddit on your Apple Watch. You can vote, check your inbox, and read the latest news.

    Nano also has inline-Twitter support, GIF support, an inbuilt article reader, and so much more!

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  • Olddit

    Olddit automatically redirects to the old reddit design so that you can use external links, bookmarks, and browser history and autofills without having to redirect manually each time!

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  • Kaashi

    Kaashi is an online platform for people to discuss, share viewpoint, a Reddit alternative free of censorship and moderator abuse by design.
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