Alternative products to ReadByHumans

5 alternative and related products to ReadByHumans

Top HackerNews articles in human-read podcast format

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5 Alternatives to ReadByHumans

Daily news and top stories, turned into podcasts

Listle lets people save time and enjoy content on-the-go. Instead of sitting in front of your computer reading your favorite blogs, you can listen to them while you commute, run or cook. All audio articles on Listle are read by humans.

Maria Nicolae
Maria Nicolae- Co-founder at Listle
Listle is an app that allows people to listen to an increasing library of interesting audio articles - read by people. 15 new audio articles are added every day. You can find articles on current events, top HN stories or your favourite PG essays, in audio. Link to mobile app:
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Turn your reading list into a podcast

Turn your reading list into a podcast! - It's like Pocket but for listening.

Duncan McClean
Duncan McClean- Entrepreneur and Web Developer
It's great for listening to articles and turning them into a private podcast.
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Within the last hour or so I have just launched ReadCast  - a web app which allows you to save articles and listen back to them in your own private podcast. I'm so glad it's finally out there and people can use it. I've been working hard on it for the past month or so.
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