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13 alternative and related products to Reactive Search

Reactive Search
UI components for building Amazon / Yelp like Search

Reactive Search is a data-driven UI components library for building search UIs

13 Alternatives to Reactive Search

Daily inspiration collected from #dailyui archive and beyond

Sameer Sontakey
Sameer Sontakey- CEO / Founder at Biostrap
This is a personal favorite of mine. A great resource for inspiration for startups building web/mobile products.
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet Sülek- Founder @
I'm daily curating and categorizing from Dribbble popular shots. Now over 8000 designs saved in 147 categories.
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Get beautiful open source UI components weekly

Stylepill is the best place to host all your UI components (you can re-download at any time). You can also feed you personal repository with another users' components.

We're working on a closed beta, making the repository with our early subscribers. But if you want access, let us know, we'll gladly give it to you.

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We're Rosita and Sergio, an ordinary couple. We met 10 years ago, studying Systems Engineering at a relatively non-prestigious University. We don't have a huge list of contacts. We have very few friends because we aren't a conventional couple - we're hippies who love to travel.
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Fastest way to find your next Amazon products to sell

Easily and quickly find the products you should be selling on Amazon. Filter through products, keywords, categories, brands, sales, revenue, reviews, and so much more. It really is the fastest and most accurate Amazon product finder in the galaxy.

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Viral Launch
Finding a great product to sell on Amazon can be tough, but with so much riding on your sourcing decision, you have to make sure you get it right. Maybe you've been selling on Amazon for a while and are looking to add a new product to your arsenal.
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Typo tolerant, delightfully simple, open source search 🔍

Typesense is an open source, typo tolerant search engine that delivers fast and relevant results out-of-the-box.

Typesense has been built from scratch to offer a delightful search experience with minimal effort. From instant search, to autosuggest, to faceted search, Typesense has got you covered.

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We wanted a simple search engine that was fast, handled typographic errors out-of-the-box and was also simple to run and manage. We could not find one - so we built Typesense and are open sourcing it today.
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ReactiveSearch provides the building blocks for creating search UIs - it reduces the time to go live from weeks to hours.

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In this article, I will walk you through the steps needed to build a Yelp-like search service powered by ReactiveSearch that lets users search for restaurants and classify them with features encompassing users' food preferences such as cuisine type, dining options, average customer reviews, etc. ReactiveSearch v3 is out.
We are excited to share Reactive Search v3: React UI components for building production grade search UIs. This is our biggest release till date and includes new features (voice search, GraphQL support), major accessibility enhancements and changes that make it easier than ever to build production grade search UIs.
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Add beautiful site search to your website within 5 mins

Expertrec helps you to build a site search for your website in 5 minutes. It comes with a built-in crawler that indexes your website pages and gives you drag and drop controls to edit the look and feel and tweak the search relevance without any coding.

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Site Search and product recommendation Engine
Sometimes you might want to add a search box to your authenticated pages (pages that need a login for access). While using a search engine crawler to index these pages, you have to give certain details so that it can go beyond the login pages. Doing this is very easy with expertrec site search engine.
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