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React Native Seed

React Native Seed alternatives and competitors

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React Native Seed is a starting point for your React Native project

Top alternatives for React Native Seed

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  • Expo 2.0

    8 reviews

    Expo enables you to build cross-platform native apps using only JavaScript.

    In addition to React Native components, you'll have access to the Expo SDK, a library that provides a wide range of native APIs on iOS and Android. Expo can also manage assets for you, handle push notifications, and build your native binary for submission to the app store.

    We've been using Expo for the last year to develop a mobile app and the experience has been great. We've been forced to use some less than d…

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  • React Native

    2 reviews

    React Native is a developer tool that builds mobile UI from declarative components. You can use only JavaScript and React to build a real app, with User Interface fundamental blocks, like the ones for iOS and Android. You can forget about the recompiling with Hot reloading feature.

    Cooking app 10 time faster

  • Bucks UI

    2 reviews

    Bucks UI a react-native theme is a financial mobile app theme made from one of our designs. You can use the theme to build your next cryptocurrency wallet app or any other financial inspired app you might need.

    We took great care into creating it. We also offer support for you to install it if you ever need it.

    I got this when it was only a design kit for $20, and now I have the free update giving me the react-native theme YAY 😄 Happy with it so fa…

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  • ReactiveSearch Native

    2 reviews

    10+ open-source React Native UI components for your next iOS/Android app, comes with a free sketch template.

    ReactiveSearch is also available as a React library for web apps. You can check it over here.

    This product can solve some of the developers' problem in allowing them to focus on the creative (and fun) side of things, instead of gettin…

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  • Pocket UI React-Native Theme

    1 review

    This is Pocket UI React-Native Theme, our design and implementation for a fintech app that you can download and use straight away. We are offering sketch and photoshop versions for the theme as well as react-native theme as a node_module that you can use.

    By downloading you can start developing the custom features for your app straight away.

    It's nice as it has Photoshop and Sketch versions and now with the react-native theme it's realy helpful as i can start my app with minimum …

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  • Zeroqode Native Apps

    Zeroqode Native Apps is a tool that converts your existing web applications into native iOS & Android apps, automagically.

  • Cloudflare Pages

    Cloudflare Pages is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers to collaborate and deploy websites.
  • React Native Starter

    React Native Starter is mobile application template built with React Native. It contains essential components for all mobile apps: UI components, state management, routing and also follows latest industry best practices.

    So instead of building everything from scratch you may focus on features, that set you apart from your competitors!

  • AppingKit

    I've built AppingKit to help you get started with native mobile apps quick and easy:
    📱 Starter app with source code (iOS and Android)
    ☁️ Cloud API and user authentication
    📖 Install instructions
  • React Native Awesome UI

    React Native Awesome UI is a collection of awesome components with inline information about activity on the project and a demo. Super easy to browse and pick components by seeing them in action. Inspired by https://github.com/wasabeef/awesome-android-ui/