Alternative products to React Boilerplate 3.0

18 alternative and related products to React Boilerplate 3.0

React Boilerplate 3.0
Offline-first, highly scalable foundation for your next app

18 Alternatives to React Boilerplate 3.0

A better workflow for building modern static websites.

Static Site Boilerplate is a free, open-source tool for developers that enables a better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.

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CSS Weekly
Learn how setting arbitrary constraints can be a useful way to stay focused while learning, how to create complex, unusual layouts using CSS Grid, how to create a flexible variable system using Sass maps, and more.
😎 Hi friends! During the last days, I found several really interesting and useful resources for you. Catch a small digest from me 😉 Using this tool you can create stunning mockups that make your mobile or website design standout, right from your browser quickly & for free.
How Much Should You Get Paid To Build Websites In 2019? * Static Site Boilerplate: A better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server...
6 Alternatives to Static Site Boilerplate

Get boilerplates & ready made apps to clone, modify & deploy

Hasura k8s platform Hub is a collection of boilerplates that you can clone, modify and deploy to kickstart your application development on Kubernetes. For example, you can find a slack bot, an ARKit integration, schemas for e-commerce apps, or even a React Native starter kit wired up with a NativeBase UI kit, & a hasura k8s platform backend

7 Alternatives to Hasura K8S Platform Hub

Here’s 12KB of CSS to jump start your HTML

Teutonic CSS is a modern CSS framework — versatile, well documented.

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fortrabbit blog
So we said to do more open source on fortrabbit. TADA - here is my first big open source publication. A CSS framework. TLDR; Check it our yourself: I am the design guy here. My aim is to make fortrabbit look unique.
11 Alternatives to Teutonic CSS

A journey to learn Redux and MobX in React.js

What was planned as an ebook, turned out to be a full course with a 250-page ebook, 8 source code projects and 3 screencasts series in which I guide you through the process of building your own applications with Redux and MobX.

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I am excited to launch my course Taming the State in React. I worked on the course for the last 6 months and squeezed every of my free minutes during a workweek, weekends and holidays into it. For instance, when writing the ebook, I woke up two hours earlier before my 9 to 5 job to write ~750 qualitative words a day.
4 Alternatives to Taming the State in React
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