Alternative products to Rapid 2FA

8 alternative and related products to Rapid 2FA

Rapid 2FA
A painless way to add two-factor authentication to your site
8 Alternatives to Rapid 2FA

A 2FA device to protect yourself from hackers

Like a second lock after your password, Titan Security Keys help prevent phishing and keep out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your online accounts. Security keys are the same level of security used internally at Google.

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Google's new $50 Titan Security Key adds extra security to your account, and helps protect Facebook, Dropbox and other services, too, as long as you don't lose it. CNBC's Todd Haselton puts it to the test.
The Verge
Google's Titan Security Key is finally available to anyone who wants one. The two-factor token went live today in the Google store, with a full kit available for $50, shipping immediately. The kits include a USB key, a Bluetooth key, and various connectors.
Google isn't one to shy away from bold claims. "We have had no reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing security keys at Google," a spokesperson told TechCrunch. And it's probably true. Think of a security key as like a two-factor authentication code that&#...
9 Alternatives to Google Titan

Free, instant, scalable, blockchain-based 2FA security

Hydro is a blockchain-based identity management app. The app's current phase, Raindrop, offers users a blockchain-based 2FA protocol. Later phases include identity management and document signing blockchain functionality.

**Please reach out if you are interested in implementing blockchain 2FA on your website!**

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We are in the final stages of testing and QA on the new Hydro Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) app. The video below has some behind the scenes footage of the functionality! We still have some secrets that you will see when the app hits stores in a few weeks.
The Merkle
We hear a lot about wallets and exchanges being hacked. And about ICO scams and unfortunate investors waking up to zero balances. Investing in the crypto space is scary. The prospect of losing money is scary. But what about losing data?
10 Alternatives to Hydro Mobile App

Add decentralized auth and storage to your app in 10 minutes

Give your users the best decentralized authentication and storage experience on the market with access to multiple Web 3.0 protocols. And do it all in under 10 minutes. With a RESTful API and developer SDKs, SimpleID makes Web 3.0 easy.

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For those who have never built or used a decentralized application, it's important to understand what the authentication process looks like. We're going to focus on Blockstack because SimpleID's free offering includes Blockstack modules (but at launch we support Ethereum, Textile, IPFS, and Pinata as well).
Blockstack Forum
We're excited to announce the launch of SimpleID. As we mentioned when we first started discussing this idea on the Blockstack forum a little more than a month ago, we wanted to improve the experience of users logging into Blockstack applications.
4 Alternatives to SimpleID

Simple two-step verification for Mac

Step Two is a beautiful, modern two-step verification app — now available on the Mac.

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Après une première mouture pour iOS, Step Two, un utilitaire pour gérer les codes nécessaires à une double identification sur les sites web, arrive sur macOS. On ne reviendra pas en détail sur le fonctionnement de l'app macOS, il est très similaire à celui de sa cousine sur iOS, jusqu'à la reprise de son interface (lire Step Two gère élégamment les seconds f… See more
6 Alternatives to Step Two for Mac

A 2FA provider on BlockStack

A free and open source 2fa manager web app built with Blockstack 🚀


- Codes are synced between devices

- Use your phone / laptop camera to scan a qrcode

- Add an account manually

- Dark theme

- Data stored on the storage of your choice using Blockstack

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