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Random Quark

Turn your brainwaves & memories into paintings 👨‍🎨

Random Quark uses emotional data extracted from the raw brainwaves and feeds it into the swarm visualisation system which results in complex, non-repeating patterns of colour.

7 Alternatives to Random Quark

Capture your priceless moment in sound

Capture your priceless moment in sound, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, the celebration of accomplishments or life-changing events. 

Design your own 18”x24” wall art that visualizes your priceless moment. We print, you frame and pin it up on your wall or gift it to your loved one.

6 Alternatives to That Sound That Day

Turn live photos into instant movies 📱

Create instant movies from your Live Photos. Just select the photos you want to group and get back a short video memory.

Live Memories supports exporting in three aspect ratios to accomodate all social networks. Overlapping photos are automatically detected and the overlap is removed.

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One of my-all time favorite additions to the iPhone's camera app is Live Photos, the feature that saves a short, 3 second video clip with each photo you take. Playing back Live Photos from an event has always been cumbersome though, requiring you to swipe through each photo and play each clip separately.
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10 Alternatives to Live Memories

Preserve your loved one's memories with videos

Cinebody Memories is a way to preserve your loved one's memories with video stories. A Denver-based startup, it helped a friend record his dad's stories after a cancer diagnosis: A gift that's great for the holidays, and lasts not just one lifetime, but many.

8 Alternatives to Cinebody Memories
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