Alternative products to Radios.YT

9 alternative and related products to Radios.YT


Listen to the best YouTube music livestreams for free, 24/7

The first YouTube radio station player!

Discover thousands of music, news and tech YouTube livestreams videos.

Listen to continuous live radio stations from YouTube for free.

9 Alternatives to Radios.YT

Manage all your youtube tabs at one place!

With You-Taber 🤘, you can manage all your youtube tabs at one place. Play, Pause, Pe-Play, Close and go to next song remotely with a click!


Thanks for the community and the support 🙏. You-Taber now has 300+ weekly users 😇 Feel free to contact the me via




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7 Alternatives to YouTaber

A spotify-like music player with lyric support is a web application to play music on PC and Mobile phones with lots of features. Moozic uses these APIs to serve best user exprience: Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Lastfm, Discogs, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and et cetera etc. You can find nearly any songs that you want.

7 Alternatives to Moozic

Turn Youtube Music into a collaborative playlist

Koiik is app that allows users in a same room select the music they want to hear using Youtube as source.

The channel owner should to share his room url with their guests allowing to them add music to the current playlist of the room.

Ideal for parties, gyms, restaurants, coffe shops and pubs.

The UI is a clone of Youtube Music for easy use.

6 Alternatives to Koiik
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