Alternative products to Quicklytics for Google Analytics

14 alternative and related products to Quicklytics for Google Analytics

Quicklytics for Google Analytics
Easiest and fastest way to check your Google Analytics
14 Alternatives to Quicklytics for Google Analytics

Capture user events and route them straight to the best tools and data warehouses for analytics.

Priced based on event volume, not MTUs.

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Astronomer announced it has secured $3.5 million in financing. Eight investors participated in the round: Wireframe Ventures, CincyTech, Frontline Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, Core Ventures Group, M25 Group, Silicon Valley Bank, and Grand Ventures. Astronomer's platform connects and centralizes data, making it simple for anyone,...
While Segment has standardized real-time, vendor-neutral customer event collection, no platform is a perfect fit for everyone. Now there's an alternative.
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Google Analytics stats overview on one dashboard

Gootics shows you the most important google analytics stats for all your websites on one beautiful, configurable dashboard. Get your realtime visitors, goals, events and revenue data on a glance without digging through multiple views and properties on Analytics. If you want in every new tab.

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Effortlessly compare Google Analytics funnels by Archie.AI

Use your Google Analytics data to instantly create and compare conversion funnels side-by-side.

Compare the performance of your funnels across all segments. (e.g. URL, country, device, browser, OS etc.)

Find out the highest and lowest converting segments of your website.

No coding required, 2 minute setup time.

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Articles from the team behind Archie.AI.
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Cut through Google Analytics with free, weekly emails

Cut through the clutter of Google Analytics with AI powered, free, weekly emails.

Get key predictions, analysis and highlights on your web traffic from Archie, The AI Data Scientist. Save time and make better decisions.

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TL;DR: Here's the link for an app that does it for you. I spend a lot of my time working with Google Analytics. I measure visitors of an e-commerce website that sells prints, a community blog, a Kickstarter page for when my campaign was live and multiple web properties owned by the start up I co-fouded.
Articles from the team behind Archie.AI.
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Talk to Google Analytics using Google Assistant.

Talk to your Google Analytics data in plain English using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Chrome Extension etc.

Save up to 60% time spent on data accessing and analysis using Archie.

Try it out!

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Articles from the team behind Archie.AI.
The most reliable way to determine if an entity can be deemed artificially intelligent is through Turing Test. It involves computers being able to consistently "fool" human testers into believing that they are talking to a human through a conversational messaging interface.
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Boost websites and apps faster and safer

The first SaaS platform that merges multiple CDNs, load balance traffic with AI across all CDNs, and keep everything safe and secure.

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A web application firewall (WAF) is an application firewall specifically designed for HTTP applications, which means applications intended to run on the web. A WAF employs a set of rules to an HTTP conversation, usually covering common online attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).
On Oct 25, 2018, a researcher from ODS (Open Data Security) named Daniel Fariña released a blog post sharing his findings about a vulnerability in the case of Nginx on Cloudflare , which could disable the WAF leaving the companies vulnerable to cyber attacks.
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