Alternative products to Quickflow

5 alternative and related products to Quickflow

Workflow automation made simple
Quickflow is a workflow automation tool designed to help you save time on tedious manual tasks by integrating popular web apps together. E.g., when creating row in Airtable, automatically create a file in Google Drive and send a message to a Slack channel.
5 Alternatives to Quickflow

Record your browser actions for automated workflows 🔥

Ian Mckay
Ian Mckay- Maker and Sysadmin, Creator of Wildfire
Wildfire has come a long way even since the Product Hunt launch. We've added Firefox support and are working on features to automate even outside the browser.
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Lifehacker Australia
Chrome: Automator is one of the easiest ways to automate tasks on your Mac, and the ability to record mouse actions makes it so just about anyone can create their own workflows within seconds. Wildfire is a Chrome extension that attempts to bring a similar feature to Chrome.
In general, automating various tasks, especially the more complex ones, will eventually lead to an improvement of your workflow. When it comes to automating tasks while working with web apps, some of you may know all about the popular iMacros browser extension, which, in all honesty, works rather well, even though it's a somewhat oldschool project.
5 Alternatives to Wildfire

Build & automate workflows on mobile with zero coding.

Corpa is a mobile native collaboration platform where you can build and automate workflow apps, reports and dashboards without any coding. For example build apps for invoicing or recruiting or inventory in minutes via our intuitive drag and drop.

Inam Haq
Inam Haq- Mobile Tech
Try this one out. Everyone is the one the same platform and you can build a lot more than knowledge base. 100% mobile.
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Bring the future forward and create your mobile workplace for teams to run workflows, analyze data, communicate and collaborate in one mobile app.
6 Alternatives to Corpa 3.0

Build automated workflows on top of your existing cloud apps

Mehdi Toualit
Mehdi Toualit- Webmarketer in Montpellier (France)
Smart chatbots made simple. Easy integration.
Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar
A bit of a learning curve, but they're the only ones who let you connect to dynamic data sources (Google sheets for ex). It's perfect if most of your messages have dynamic content
Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar
If most of your data is dynamic, I really recommend FlowXO. They integrate beautifully with Sheets for ex
6 Alternatives to FlowXO
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