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Quarantine Bingo alternatives and competitors

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This bingo was created as a response to the current situation in the world – it’s our attempt to cope with stress with a little help of humor.
We hope it will keep you entertained for some time during your self-isolation.
Stay strong and stay home!

Top alternatives for Quarantine Bingo

Bird Eats Bug
Perfect bug reports every single time
  • Ziago

    2 reviews
    Ziago is a new platform for fun social games with friends and family on video calls. Players join through a game link, and can play from any device. Everyone follows along in realtime, and is instantly notified of game events and other player actions!
  • The Hike

    4 reviews
    Looking for some virtual Halloween fun? Download these free slides and instructions for "The Hike" to play on your next group video call. Use software like Zoom and Slack (or similar), then try to "survive" this slightly evil pick-a-path adventure as a team!
  • The Essentials

    You want to live your best quarantined life. We're here to help. Introducing The Essentials—the Brew's guide to staying active, healthy, and happy while you’re riding out the pandemic at home.
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  • Tambola 2.0

    2 reviews
    Play tambola online with your friends from anywhere in the world and from any device.
    This new version of tambola features:
    - Online ticket generator
    - Add/Edit game rules
    - Play in a group
    - Automatic number calling
    - Claim prizes
    - Use it as a PWA App
  • More

    1 review
    More is an iOS app for creating virtual, impromptu get-togethers with new people. Join curated activities or create your own, and other people have 30 minutes to join you. Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t mean we can’t do what inspires us, together.
  • Product Hunt BINGO

    Play along on the front page every day!
  • Rona Games

    1 review
    Stuck in quarantine and missing your friends? Not today, 'Rona! Rona Games is the largest directory of "Zoom-able" games on the web, and it's updated daily with new finds across the internet.
  • YAS - Live Gameshow

    1 review

    YAS is a crowdsourced live game show. Sometimes YAS will ask questions. Sometimes there will be challenges.

    Doing well gives you Luck. Multiply your Luck by not missing a game. Your total Luck influences your chances of winning the weekly $1000 cash prize.

    Winners are announced live on the YAS Facebook page every Sunday night at 6pm Pacific Time.

    It would be great if they could roll out nationally! I can think of numerous other applications for YAS.

  • StartPlaying.Games

    StartPlaying is a marketplace for finding all kinds of games from Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder, Escape Rooms, and more. All run by professional Game Masters. We make it easy for you to find a game for just yourself, your friends, family, or coworkers.
  • FriendRoulette

    Pick 6 friends from your contacts and tap "CALL" to randomly call one of them! Be strategic about your picks! Stack the odds if there's someone you really want to talk to, or throw in a few wild cards and see what happens...
  • IQ Trivia

    1 review

    IQ Trivia is a massive multiplayer Trivia game played live on Twitter twice daily on weekdays. Players compete for cash money, IQ Score, and leaderboard position. Read more about it here.

    To get an extra life, subscribe to game reminders, check your IQ score, game stats, and leaderboard position just PM @IQtrivia.

    This is a really cool use of Twitter - it's pretty much the only reason I still have a Twitter account.

  • Camera Games

    Camera Games is a camera only place to play games with friends.
    Starting a game and inviting your friends is super easy.
  • Meeting Hell Bingo

    There are oh so many ways for a meeting to be awful. This bingo card will let you play the classic game of bingo while also helping you commiserate about having to sit here and go through this...again.
  • LifePoints

    Our free iOS app lets you collect points for the time you stay at home and the steps you take each day. These points can then be used to compete on our leaderboards and purchase rewards, like discounts and gift cards!
  • Play ludo with friends

    Have fun playing Ludo with your friends directly on Figma! Get your team onboard and start rolling the Dice!
  • Joyride

    Play a live trivia game show, then chill with your friends in group video. Relax with fun voice-based party games, watch a unicorn fly over your head, or go nuts guessing what crazy filter you have on your face!

  • Tackle COVID-19 Boredom

    Being locked down in your house is an absolute must right now but can get very boring. Looking for some fun relief? Mr. Trump is here to talk to you and is just a click away!
  • FunApart

    The brain child of a 12-year old during COVID, FunApart connects friends and family with nostalgic card games over video chat.
  • Polybingo

    4 reviews
    Polybingo is an online platform for increasing audience engagement and promotional exposure with bingo games based on photos.
    (Not gambling❗️)
  • Hilarity: 'Most Likely To...'

    2 reviews
    Inject some fun into your next group gathering with Hilarity's real-time game of 'Most Likely To...' Great as a little pre-Zoom meeting ice-breaker, or even turn it into a drinking game and choose some of the more risqué questions...!