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10 alternative and related products to QnA Maker

QnA Maker
Build a Q&A bot from a web page in seconds

QnA Maker is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to quickly build and train Q&A bots based off of webpages or documents.

10 Alternatives to QnA Maker

What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base.

Malin Andersson
Malin Andersson- Founder &
A bit pricy, but very well structured and easy to use.
Omer Molad
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
One of Intercom's modules is Educate, which lets you create an FAQ / help section that learns over time.
Jeroen Corthout ☕
Jeroen Corthout ☕- Co-Founder Salesflare
Go for the real thing. You won't regret it. I wrote a post here about what makes the Intercom product so great:
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With Intercom Educate, you can create content and answer people's simple questions faster. When a customer asks a question in the Messenger, Operator will suggest relevant articles to help answer it. You can also see how your content is performing, exactly how it can be improved, and what to write next.
There are three different ways Intercom Educate is useful Customers can search through articles and find answers themselves. Live chat agents can insert articles into conversations to answer questions. It's SEO friendly and helps bring new users to the site.
Inside Intercom
Up to now Intercom has focused on making personal, relevant conversations the cornerstone of great support. But often the best route to an answer is through the customer helping themselves. It's better for everyone: your customers get the quick, easy answers they need and your team can concentrate instead on questions that are hard to resolve.
20 Alternatives to Intercom Educate

On average, Answer Bot instantly resolves 29% of your customers’ most common questions and reduces your customer response time by 44%. Your sales and support teams will be more efficient, and your customers’ more satisfied.

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Inside Intercom
Main illustration: Olenka Malarecka and Tim Gilligan Today we're launching Answer Bot, an intelligent bot that automatically and instantly resolves your customers' most common questions. It's a simple proposition: when customers ask a question in the Intercom Messenger, Answer Bot uses machine-learning to recognize the query and deliver the exact answer righ… See more
In the fall of 2016 - before startups started adding artificial intelligence to every pitch, and before Bitcoin triggered a speculative frenzy and inspired a host of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs - chatbots were supposed to be the next big thing. Facebook had just announced Messenger, its chat platform that was supposed to transform how we worked and shopped.
6 Alternatives to Answer Bot by Intercom

Chatbot for FAQ, sales and lead generation automation 🤖

We turn your FAQ page into a chatbot in minutes. Build your own chatbot with custom conversation flow for customer support, sales or lead generation purposes.

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FAQ automation is about automating FAQ online. Faqbot take existing FAQ content and transform it into a chatbot. Companies copy and paste the url of their FAQ page into our system. We transform this into a chatbot. A FAQ database is created and a machine learning engine is added.
French teenager Mathis André had been tinkering around building websites when he dropped out of school at the age of 16 before eventually becoming interested in bots, the software which has exhibited a lot of promise in areas like customer service and e-commerce.
17 Alternatives to Faqbot 2.0

Intelligent answer bot for customer service automation

Alterra Answer Bot is a question-answering bot for customer service automation.

It can instantly resolve about 20% of support tickets by finding the right answers in the company’s knowledge base.

It helps companies reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction thanks to shorter time to resolution.

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A few days ago the Internet went bananas over a language model so "dangerous" that decided to keep it secret as if it was a nuclear bomb's blueprint. We, at, are working on making this type of technology available to every business, large and small.
4 Alternatives to Alterra Answer Bot

Airim lets customers explore your product or website easily on their own, by providing simple yet personalized assistance anywhere within your website or app.

Used by 100+ websites and about 2,000+ users per minute, Airim is helping businesses around the globe delight their customers every moment!

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Airim Thoughts
"If you're building a product for unprompting user engagement, you gotta find your internal trigger!" - Nir Eyal Ingrained habits are behaviours done with little or no conscious thought and they guide nearly half of our daily actions. Nir Eyal, in Hooked, specifies 4 advantages of building habit-forming products.
Airim - Providing assistance to customers is an integral part of the business experience but could be difficult to customize, so 'Airim' aims t...
5 Alternatives to Airim 2.0

All of your company's information accessible through chat is an AI-Powered Teammate designed to Make Work Life Easier and More Productive

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With $8.4M secured in Series A financing from private investors, offers employees the first AI-Powered Teammate, creators of the first truly AI-Powered Teammate designed for everyone in the workplace, officially launched today with $8.4 million in funding from a Midwest network of private and angel investors.
Even as AI assistants delve deeper into consumer hardware, companies still seem a bit reticent to bring them deep into their office software workflows. is aiming to bring natural language processing and intelligence into an employee-facing solution that lets people query a digital assistant to give them information about documents, meetings and gener… See more
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