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5 Alternatives to Puzzlescript

Play the award-winning innovative puzzle with a deep story

G30 – A Memory Maze is a unique and minimalistic take on the puzzle genre, where each level is hand-crafted and meaningful. It’s a story of a person with a cognitive disorder, who is trying to recollect the elusive past – before the disease takes over and everything will fade away.

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Mobile gaming properly clicked for me on playing the original versions of Eliss and Zen Bound . Freed from the constraints of long-standing gaming conventions, these puzzle games embraced the touchscreen and its tactile nature. G30 follows in their footsteps, but with a maturity and emotive heft that's simultaneously powerful and disarming.
На в самом разгаре неделя украинских игр. Анонс S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, сообщение о переносе Metro Exodus, выход на Steam украинской 2D-action Heat Guardian. А теперь еще и релиз в App Store стильной и очень необычной головоломки G30 - A Memory Maze от киевлянина Ивана Ковалева. Прямо праздник какой-то!
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'G30' Review: Is This What It's Like to Lose My Mind? on App Unwrapper | G30 - A Memory Maze By: Kovalov Ivan  You know that puzzle that crops up sometimes in adventure games, where you have four dials and you need them all to point in the same direction?
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A mind bending puzzle iPhone game

Tilespace is a mind bending puzzle for iPhone similar to a Rubik's cube but on a 2D surface of a doughnut. Restore the order in some parallel 2D universe by matching color patterns of tiles and their central parts. All you need to do is just to slide a master tile (one with the arrows) by swiping anywhere on the screen.

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Restore the order in some parallel 2D universe but matching color patterns of tiles on a surface of a doughnut. Or, if y... Details Restore the order in some parallel 2D universe but matching color patterns of tiles on a surface of a doughnut. Or, if you prefer scientific terms: on a surface of a torus.
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