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Pull Reminders for GitHub alternatives and competitors

Pull Reminders helps you ship faster with automated Slack reminders and pull request metrics. Used by dev teams at 400+ companies like Pivotal, Instacart, Instructure, and Trivago. Available in the Slack App Directory and GitHub Marketplace.

Top Pull Reminders for GitHub alternatives
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  • Trello for Slack

    Organize anything with anyone, inside Slack
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  • Smart Slack Reminders

    No more lost messages in Slack. Ever.

    You schedule a follow-up, and the bot does it all for you. Magic.

    Keep calm and use the #1 Slack bot for standup meetings. And follow-ups.

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  • Code Time is an open source extension that provides programming metrics right in your code editor.
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    It will be helpful if you can upload the reports to internet or more precisely an mobile help so that developer can analyse any time he want…

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  • Monolist

    Monolist is a global inbox for engineers:
    βœ… One list for all your work – tasks, message, pull requests
    🧠 Intelligent reminders when work is slipping through the cracks
    πŸ—“ Time-block directly from the inbox
    πŸ” Instantly search across all of your tools
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  • GitHub Metrics

    Metrics generates infographics about you so you can embed them on your GitHub profile to let other users know more about you. Display your git stats along with an isometric calendar, favorites music, website performances, last tweets, projects, languages, ...
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  • HeyScale

    Scheduled announcements & recurring reminders for Slack
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  • Pubo for Slack

    Smarter, actionable Slack notifications.
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  • Mergefly

    Mergefly is a modern UI for GitHub Pull Requests. Our goal is to remove all of the frustrations surrounding existing pull requests by putting developers in an environment where they feel the most comfortable with the most amount of information.
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  • Kiro's PR Coach is a GitHub app for individual engineers to help you focus on high priority pull requests, eliminate stale pull requests and manage your work in progress so you can get software out faster to your customers.
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  • Memo Reminders

    Memo Reminders is application that will help you to do the thing you are often "forgetting", postponing, have a "valid" excuse for not doing it or simply: procrastinating.
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  • Task List Completed

    Check a pull request body for task lists / checkboxes & make sure they are all completed. The check will not pass until all task lists have been checked. Mark it as a required check to preventing merging the PR until all tasks in a PR have been ticked off.
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  • Developers, having trouble with large pull requests you need to review?Visualizations of code change shows nicely both dependencies and the context. Additional insights helps to identify issues early.
    Hunters get a free month of usage in the cloud!
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    Great way to remove some laboursome code review effort

  • Pull Request Checklist Buddy

    Payment required
    Automate task checklists or default tasks for pull requests. Checklist Buddy adds the following for you on pull request creation:
    - Tasks
    - Comments
    - Whole Checklists with title
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  • PR Chat

    Manage and discuss Github PRs in Slack. Get notified of new PRs and watch as the Slack message instantly updates when the PR is updated or approved. Comments on the PR are seamlessly synced to the conversation in the Slack thread.
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  • Handre

    Just open Handre, draw a cross, a face, write a text with your finger or anything else. Click β€œSave” and that's all, reminder is created.

    Try creating your first reminder with Handre!

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  • Task Reminder

    Task Reminder is a Slack App that saves you time and energy by automatically creating and following up with tasks/reminders.
    Never chase after anyone again to get a Pull Request reviewed or get feedback on a document!
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  • Source Notify

    You can now Try Source Notify for free. 1 month trial is available Now!
    Source Notify is a software that allows you to manage your Pull Request status from Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket and Bitbucket self hosted from your menu bar
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  • Review Bot

    As doing code reviews is easy to forget, Review-Bot automatically sends reminders to all reviewers. You can set multiple timers for each day or trigger the reminders by using slash commands of your messenger.
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  • RemindUs

    Stop nagging your team. You hate it. They hate it. Now there's a better way. RemindUs is an advanced reminder app built for slack teams that's perfect for timecards, status reports, project deadlines, or really anything else with a due date.
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  • CodeKickBot

    CodeKickBot analyzes your pull requests and drives out insights from them. Helps you to stay on top of your pull requests and receive enough contextual information to avoid silos without leaving your your Slack workspace.
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