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13 Alternatives to Public

"The Best Team Communication App for Remote Teams" - PC Mag

Twist is the communication tool for teams who believe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat apps.

Hugo Fauquenoi
Hugo Fauquenoi- growth @todoist and @twistappteam
I'm biased because we build Twist, but it's become Doist's operating system. We're a fully remote team of 50 and couldn't live without one shared place for asynchronous communication
Ryan Abrams
Ryan Abrams- Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
Nice Slack alternative. I've been enjoying it so far but have only recently begun to experiment with it.
René Lönngren
René Lönngren
I find that the channels and comments in Slack can get overwhelming. Twist keeps conversations in treads, instead of conversations within conversations. It feels more like a mix between Slack and a forum platform, like Twist is built by the team behind Todoist, whom knows a thing or two about building software that helps GTD.
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Islands connects you with people, places and communities you care about at your college. Finding your people is a core, primal need and unlocks human potential.

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Product Hunt
Greg Isenberg started his first company at age 13 and sold his previous one to StumbleUpon in 2013. He recently raised $1.85m from Greylock and others for his new app, after living on college campuses for the past year. Greg is here to share what he's learned with the community.
Greg Isenberg has seen how other apps grow. That's why he's at the University of Alabama with his new app, Islands. It's already the hot new thing as students start classes for the fall 2017 semester. "Who wants to meet people the most? It's people at college.
Teen Vogue
As millions of students around the country find their bearings during the first few weeks of school, one thing remains universal: connecting with like-minded people on campus can be a challenge. But Islands, "your new home...
Islands wants to take over colleges in the U.S. by connecting like-minded students through events and activities, and today the startup announced the close of its $1.85 million seed round. A string of notable investors participated, including Greylock Partners, entrepreneur Scott Belsky, and Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video Ventures.
Over the years I've regularly facilitated "founders' weekends" in Los Angeles, where I work with a number of CEOs developing new startups. At these weekends, companies like Breather and Quietly were vetted before launching. At one of these weekends, I met startup founder Greg Isenberg.
13 Alternatives to Islands

A public chat room fully integrated into Slack

This live chat room, fully integrated into Slack, is where your leads and customers can interact together and help each other, with no authentication required. Your team will receive all the messages in a single Slack channel, and you can interact with your leads and customers as you wish! Read more ⬇️

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Open source team chat with first class threading.

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations.

Vishnu Ks
Vishnu Ks
Zulip has the the best threading model among all chat applications which makes everyone super productive.
Vishnu Ks
Vishnu Ks
Zulip is built by keeping productivity in mind. Each conversation in Zulip has a topic. This allows you to take part in more than one conversation at the same time. This also make catching up on conversations efficient as compared to cSlack, Mattermost etc where you have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of messages to figure out what is going on. Zuli… See more
Vishnu Ks
Vishnu Ks
Zulip! The fully threaded model of Zulip allows you to follow the conversations that you care about and ignore the ones you don't. Once you start using Zulip you will realise how much time are you wasting in chat applications like Slack by having to go through hundreds of messages that may not be even relevant to you.
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Group chat with up to 1B members, admin controls and more

Viber Communities offers a chat space where up to a whopping 1 billion members will be able to exchange messages and engage with one another, and Community admins now have the perfect product for managing, engaging, and growing large-scale, active groups around interests, experiences, causes and more!

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Messaging apps have seen a surge of popularity in recent years as people seek ways to communicate more directly than on social networks. But they also have been adding large group chat options into the mix, to give a more social experience on those messaging platforms. Now messaging app Viber is introducing the biggest group chat of them all.
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Group video chat on mobile and desktop - no apps, no sign in

Instant group video chat between iOS, Android and desktop with no apps or sign in. Share your custom URL to get connected instantly. Gotalk lets you share your screen, record meetings, and stream multiple cams from one device. Use different video modes to stream yourself or your meetings with others in full HD, create paid rooms, and add branding.

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Опубликованные с татьи по организации видеоконференций вызвали большой интерес читателей Дидактора. Однако после публикаций на эту тему появилось ещё несколько подобных сервисов, которые могут вызвать ваш интерес. GoTalk - это новая система видеоконференций, предназначенная для небольших групп. В бесплатной версии видеоконференция ограничена всего четырьмя у… See more
GoTalk is a new video conferencing system designed for small groups. The GoTalk system is easy to use. Part of the reason why GoTalk is e...
News, voices and jobs for education professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.
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