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6 alternative and related products to Protect the Hustle

Protect the Hustle
Interviews from the best in the world of subscription & SaaS
Every week we bring interviews from the best in the world of subscriptions and SaaS - Brian Halligan, Patty McCord, David Cancel - and dig deep on what it’s like in the trenches actually doing the work.
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
6 Alternatives to Protect the Hustle

Build Your SaaS is a tech podcast about building a Software as a Service business in 2018. Lots has changed since 37signals launched Basecamp and Ruby on Rails in 2004. Every week Jon and Justin explore: what does it take to launch a web app now?

Justin Jackson
If you're bootstrapping, you might like this show. Jon and I started recording this podcast just as we started building Transistor. It chronicles our journey from pre-launch, to launching, and then growing to $500k in ARR.
Justin Jackson
When Jon and I started working on Transistor, we launched this podcast at the same time. Now, it's timeline of what it took to build, launch, and grow our startup to $500k+ in ARR.
Around the web
37signals started an indie SaaS revolution when they launched Basecamp and Ruby on Rails. Since 2004, thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to capture some of that success by launching their own web apps. But what does it take to launch a Software as a Service business in 2018?
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4 Alternatives to Build Your SaaS

Shmully Wolfson
PodcastMenu is a simple app which puts Overcast on your Mac's menu bar so you can listen to your favorite podcasts while you work.
Christopher Hannah
The best way to listen to Overcast podcasts on a Mac
Guilherme Rambo
I use it all the time to listen to podcasts while I work :)
20 Alternatives to PodcastMenu
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